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Id question off the 'bay

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  • Id question off the 'bay

    Anybody from this board on eBay going under the name of dbdnza by any chance?

    Hey, I know it's an open market out there on eBay with the survival of the fittest attitude in place and there aint no protection from biting and stuff but cat keeps on keeping on my thang, dig?

    I just wanna chat with him is all
    I was raised by wolves

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    This kid doesn't know what he's doing, whoever he is. I sold him 2 things on the cheap, one he waited a MONTH to pay for. (my auctions state 10 days til payment) I should have left negative feedback...


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      uh, without breaching confidentiality etc I think you might've both bid on one of mine (if you're soul-fiend, that is, & were recently after a certain Roger Coulam LP?). Anyway, don't think he's anything to do with this board...
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