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    Originally posted by Dr Rubberfunk View Post
    ...and Strictly Kev has had some Flexidiscs made for the new DJ Food album, so the Flexi is well and truly alive again. Hurrah!
    Don't know if anyone's still after getting flexis pressed, but have just seen that this is where the recent DJ Food flexis were done...


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      found this yesterday, for 10 pence, a cute 5" flexi originally given away
      with Practical Electronics mag in 1967 - listen
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        I picked up a load that I'd never seen before a couple of months ago, along with some Lyntone promotional stuff from the 60's.

        Mostly nonsense though, of course!
        We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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          great book & 2 x flexi-disc combo from 1979

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            picked up a nice one this morning - worth it for the sleeve alone
            released in 1976 (obviously!)

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              Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post

              That picture on the wall is a bit creepy...

              ...and that dog looks stuffed !
              "Cover condition:Is perfect except on back cover theres an area of dirty smudge dont know what it is and covers a bit wrinkled which im sure could be flattened out"



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                Originally posted by Daddy Ya Ya View Post
                That picture on the wall is a bit creepy...

                ...and that dog looks stuffed !
                and mum's wearing a syrup.
                and dad's going to VERY ANGRY INDEED if she plays another wrong note. he's already got a fist ready.


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                  Originally posted by babycart View Post
                  and mum's wearing a syrup.
                  and dad's going to VERY ANGRY INDEED if she plays another wrong note. he's already got a fist ready.
                  The mum looks stoned in the first pic and the father looks like he's holding in a fart in the second.


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                    My nipples are exploding with the light at these flexidiscs

                    Formerly, lecturer at the University of Rome, with two commas and a full stop in the normal way.



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                      picked up a nice flexi today issued by Cherry B (a kind of sickly sweet red brandy much beloved by ladies of the day)
                      Issued in 1961 and complete with 5 competition inserts, curiously unused, I have uploaded it for you to hear and consider
                      for yourself which are the best singers out of the 5 on offer. Of course it may have just been a cheap ruse
                      for the Britvic company to discover the most popular choice and then use that in an advert.
                      Cherry B jingle

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                        I didn't find material about in vg+
                        For me it was a great magazine. I have more than 60 different (from 1964 to 1988) and I love them.
                        From Wiki:
                        Krugozor (Russian: Кругозор) was a musical magazine with flexi-discs issued in the Soviet Union by Melodiya.
                        Official site (Sorry in Rusian):
                        You can hear most of the music here
                        You can find absolutely great music - ethnic, jazz, rock, folk, Lenin's voice, poetry etc. In every Krugozor you have 6 (2 - sided) flexi
                        Few examples (I have more than 70) The most wanted are with Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Queen, but the most interest are with soviet bands


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                          I spent the day in London with a book publishers called Four Corners who want to put a book out of my flexi-discs
                          with Jonny Trunk and DJ Food. It will no doubt be beautifully illustrated as they are very thoughtful and knowledgeable
                          about these things, it was a pleasure to be asked to contribute to such a thing alongside respected, musically admired folks.

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                            Good work, HG! Any ETA for the book?


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                              2019 - so not long...
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                                this is the full list of my flexis the book publishers would like to use

                                1 Space Sounds

                                2 Noddy Goes Shopping

                                3 Noddy At The Seaside

                                4 The British Printing & Communication Corporation

                                5 Supergroup The Barclaygirls

                                6 If you need a little help with money – Provident

                                7 Folklore Musical de Espana

                                8 Currys Christmas Party Record

                                9 The Royal Romance, Charles & Di

                                10 Waddingtons Snow White

                                11 Waddingtons The Jungle Book

                                12 Party Noises Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut

                                13 Central Milton Keynes, You’ve never seen

                                14 Mr Acker Bilk sings Marching Union

                                15 Special Sugar Puffs Recording

                                16 The Bride Wore Blue

                                17 Fisher Invitation

                                18 Take A Spin With Sound For Industry

                                19 The Bike Beat, The Rally Rounders

                                20 On Your Birthday, Little Red Riding Hood

                                21 For a Very Fine Boy, The Story of The Three Little Pigs

                                22 Especially For Your Birthday Cinderella and the Glass Slipper

                                23 Get Hep with Hepworths

                                24 Here Comes Courage

                                25 The Care of Your Real Hairpiece

                                26 Pledge Let The Sun Come Into Your Life

                                27 Pfizer The Control of Diabetes

                                28 Fight the Flab with Terry Wogan

                                29 Amoco Nice Clean Petrol

                                30 Standard Triumph

                                31- 39 (group of 8 discs in one card sleeve:

                                He-Man Masters of the Universe, New Kids On The Block, Johnny Ball Introduces Science, Easter Greetings to You, The Third Way, Betty Boo No Smoking Rap, Fitech, The New Renault)

                                40 The Gift

                                41 - 53 (group of 12 discs in one card sleeve :

                                Shake A Tail Suzy Suzuki, Record Damages Private Eye, Cliff Richard’s Personal Message, Bring On Bull Records, Johnny Morris’s Welcome to Sunshine, Mr. Acker Bilk sings Marching Union, Your Computer First ZX-81, Your Computer ZX-81 Games, Babycham, The Best of Abba, We’re All Going on a Ladbroke Holiday, Holimarine Holiday Villages

                                54-63 (group of 9 discs in red sleeve: British Airways holidays Dreamship, Johnny Morris’s Welcome to Sunshine 71, Rank Audio Plastics photograph of Mylene Demongeot, Young Londoner, Face to Face, Rank Audio Plastics – 4 discs (two red, two blue)

                                64 The Jack and Jill Party Record

                                65 Especially For You Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

                                66 For A Very Nice Boy Aladdin and his Magic Lamp

                                67 Enjoy Dancing

                                68 Switzerland Musical Souvenirs

                                69 Meet The Levis People 68

                                70 Santa Claus Talks to You

                                71 A DAF Trucker’s Romance

                                72 Party Noises Cadbury’s Whole Nut Party

                                73 Birthday Wishes Rock-a-Boogie Birthday Rock

                                74 Songs for Swinging Voters

                                75 Sounds From Marlboro Country

                                76 Supercar Club Song and Supercar Twist

                                77 Barker & Dobson / Bensons Great Party Hits Great Rockers

                                78 Barker & Dobson / Bensons Great Party Hits Super Ballads

                                79 Barker & Dobson / Bensons Great Party Hits Soul classics

                                80 Barker & Dobson / Bensons Great Party Hits Chart Busters

                                81 Happy Wedding Anniversary

                                82 Birthday Wishes for You (roses plate)

                                83 Francois Garigues talks fashion

                                84 Many Happy Returns of the Day, Melody Cards

                                85 Have You Heard About Our Wonderfuel New Advertising Campaign, The Gas People

                                86 The Dippity-do from the Toni Company

                                87 Encyclopedia Britannica

                                88 Velb, Velb (difficult to read bubble writing in orange – Shane thinks Christian recording?)

                                89 Sounds of the Sea, Ribena

                                90-91 (two discs in one card sleeve) Identify the Mystery Voice, Practical Electronics Oct. 1967

                                92 Bob Rogers & Playground, Express

                                93 Get Moving Father William, Youngers Tartan

                                94 Institute of Opthalmology, The Ayes Have It

                                95 Hull Students Charity Rag, The Silkies

                                96 Lost. Without Your Help!

                                97 Your World Walkabout Passport, Eastern Daily Press

                                98 Pictorial Sound Card, Greetings from New Zealand

                                99 The Sweet Taste of Life, Hermesetas

                                100 To My Fair Lady Especially for You

                                101 Madame Francesca, Your Spoken Horoscope (Virgo)

                                102 A Michelin Gramophone Record

                                103 Double Diamond Drinking Song

                                104 Mood Elegance by Avon

                                105 Michael Aspel chats up the Barclaygirls

                                106 Harry Edwards speaks

                                107 Madame Francesca, Your Spoken Horoscope (Taurus)

                                108 Free Pop with Konica Pop

                                109 Happy Birthday from Eric and Ernie and Maltesers

                                110 Das Reich

                                111 The Oinkletts Uncle Pigg

                                112 The Razzmatazz Doyley Disc

                                113 1865 Centenary 1965

                                114 Have you Heard The Noise From Golden Wonder

                                115 You’re Never Alone With a Strand

                                116 Radio 1 Tune to Radio 1

                                117 Fonoscope La Cartolina Che Canta Venezia (canal)

                                118 Fonoscope La Cartolina Che Canta Venezia (St Marks Square)

                                119 Here’s Wishing You A Happy Birthday (poodle)

                                120 Warum strahlen heut’ nacht die Sterne so hell

                                121 Fonoscope Christmas Greetings (red candles)

                                122 5 New Hit Tunes Cherry B

                                123 Here’s Jazz Humphrey Lyttelton and his band, Summer County Margerine

                                124 English Electric (Denis Norden)

                                125 Fitech (double)

                                126 Peter and the Wolf

                                127 Guitar Instruction for Beginners

                                128 Greetings from New Zealand (name on back: David George)

                                129 Audacious two This Pop Scene Needs

                                130 The British Drama League Dialect Records LYN 688/699

                                131 The British Drama League Dialect Records LYN 684/685

                                132 You and Your Bendix

                                133 Sounds of Canada Air Canada

                                134 A recorded talk between Nurse Drew and a family Doctor

                                135 Play the Record Coronary Prevention at Work

                                136 Bulmers Invite you to star with Bob Monkhouse

                                137 Dansette Major De-Luxe 20 GNS

                                138 Your Free Trial French Lesson

                                139 BP Touring Service, Holland

                                140 Birthday Wishes the Washboard Birthday Special

                                141 Polonia Polonez Warszawski

                                142 Specially Written for Worthington by Johnny Johnson “That Wonderful Worthington Taste”

                                143 Ain’t Got A Clue – The Lurkers

                                144 Diaton Souvenir Postojnska Jama Grotte Cave

                                145 Saturn h Demonstration

                                bloody hell

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