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    Just wondering if anyone else watched the wondrous Channel4 comedy series 'Spaced'?

    There's a piece of incidental music on there that always bugged me as to what it was. It's lately been appearing on some of the home improvement/gardening type shows too (not that I watch those, my Mum has them on and I just happen to be there...ahem&#33.

    Think back to the final episode of Series 2 when everything works out OK in the end and Tim goes to fetch Daisy at the station. There's a tune playing then that's heavy on the acoustic guitar and I always fancied having it. Surely someone on here would know what it is...?

    Help me Obi Wan VVs you're my only hope.

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    Be, do you have those on DVD ? I've not checked on my copies (as my AV gear is stored away as I'm decorating), but the episode commentaries mention many of the tracks used on the show.

    If not, try asking here, as they might be able to help.

    Great series btw..... if it is possible to wear out a DVD by playing it constantly, I'd be onto my 3rd copies by now.
    Matt Hero


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      Commentaries? Jesus H!!

      How much spare time do you have mate? I would have thought that the records would have accounted for most of it, but sitting around with commentaries on? I thought it was just me that did that (Phoenix Nights 2 being a wicked example - I may change my name to Big Jack Afro&#33.

      Cheers for the info, I'll give that a try.

      Why oh why couldn't they have done a third series?

      Benicio Del Bisley
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        It's 'The Staunton Lick' by Lemon Jelly
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          I've listened to the whole 'Fight Club' commentary, the whole 'Beastie Boys Anthology' commentary and the whole 'Scratch' commentary. 'The Wicker man' needs to be done too.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ Nov. 11 2003,20:27)]Why oh why couldn't they have done a third series?
            There *might* be one yet, but right now virtually the whole Spaced screw is working on 'Shaun Of The Dead' - their long awaited zombie movie.

            My favourite commentaries (other than the fake Armstrong & Miller ones) are those on Kevin Smith films..... as entertaining as the films themselves.

            The BB's commentaries must have taken *ages* Blighty ! Got to get that new Spike Jonze DVD comp (note to self).
            Matt Hero


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              I listen to commentries because they send me to sleep when I watch dvds (chronic insomniac&#33. Best of the bust is the seven samurai. Its about 4 hours of this guy with *the* most monotone voice. I'm out in seconds!
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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Matt Hero @ Nov. 11 2003,23:16)]
                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ Nov. 11 2003,20:27)]Why oh why couldn&#39;t they have done a third series?
                There *might* be one yet, but right now virtually the whole Spaced screw is working on &#39;Shaun Of The Dead&#39; - their long awaited zombie movie.
                My mate from uni is in this film, one of the zombies apparently&#33; The creators of Spaced are all supposedly movie nerds so there&#33;
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                  Cheers for all the info fellas. I don&#39;t know much about current music you see, I&#39;m not dead familiar with Lemon Jelly. A mate described them as &#39;music for adverts&#39;.

                  I&#39;ll have to check them out though.

                  As for the Spaced crew, I heard about &#39;Shaun of the Dead&#39; and it&#39;s bad timing seeing as Hollywood has seen fit to remake &#39;Dawn of the Dead&#39; and the release dates will probably clash or Hollywood will bully Spaced into shelving theirs&#33;&#33;

                  Maybe there&#39;s been too long between series 2 and such time as they could do series 3. And that often means half-hearted results, see &#39;I&#39;m Alan Partridge 2&#39; - big pile of Phantom Menace style disappointing excrement in retrospect. You know I&#39;m right&#33;&#33;

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                    I tried listening to the commentary to Spaced, thinking as a budding comedy writer myself, it might&#39;ve contained valuble insight as to how the show was developed etc. Imagine both my surprise and disappointment when it became clear that the commentary was a dribble of ancedotes experienced when filming the series that would only be of interest if you were there, part of Simon Clegg&#39;s &#39;inner circle&#39; of craazy guys, and have a head full of cocaine to prevent oneself from falling asleep and/or fake one&#39;s interest...

                    Okay, maybe that&#39;s a bit harsh (not even hungover) it isn&#39;t the worst commentary I&#39;ve ever checked out on a DVD - that award is a joint decision between Mash and Snatch. I&#39;d like to point out at this opportunity that I do not own a copy of Snatch, as it is a piece of shit that I find offensive on every level, for some reason my ex-flatmate bought it and so, bored on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I checked out the first five minutes of the comm:

                    Snatch opening sequence follows some crooks up to no good via a bank of security monitors - our view goes from screen to screen as we follow the crooks&#39; progress, as tracked by the various security cameras. Okay fine, simple enough - you just film a take for each security camera view, synch them together and play through the bank of monitors whilst filming the whole bank itself on 35mm - something any art student must&#39;ve done back at college... Except they couldn&#39;t quite do it in one take, so they did a couple of blur edits as the camera moved from monitor to monitor... okay that&#39;s fine, you only really notice the edits if you look real close, but why the fuck would you bother on piece of shit like Snatch?

                    Because on the commentary, Guy Shitface swears blind that it was done in one take, implying that all the security cameras were lined up and live, so the actors did the whole thing in one take, while the 35mm filmed it all through the bak of monitors... Not only is this an incredidbly stupid way to work, it&#39;s completely untrue, as his producer pointed out on the commentary itself, an arguement between the two occurs on the actual commentary before Guy eventually concedes when, I think, the producer points out the edits between some of the monitor shots... What a tool.

                    On Mash, you get a documentary on an aniversary event for the film, where all the cast got back together for a special presentation and speech by Altman. Nice enough, but then when you check out the actual commentary, you realise that all of Altman&#39;s words have been lifted from the doc&#33; What a swiz&#33; Real shame cos Robert Altman, with all his run-ins with various studios, must have sooo many tales to tell. A missed opposrtunity, probably for legal reasons&#33;

                    Did anyone actually read this?


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                      Since I&#39;m still huddling over my Neolithic VCR technology, this commentary deal escapes me...but I guess it&#39;s just like footnotes in a book...sometimes they&#39;ll be genuinely enlightening, but more often they&#39;ll be a pedantic, useless waste of paper that nobody ever reads...

                      Spaced was a classic show, though. Still haven&#39;t found Vol.2 on VHS yet, because I bought 1 when it came out, then 2 appeared to come out in a box, priced at £17 quid for both series: the 2nd vid on its own was being priced at £16. Felt a bit crappy, that...

                      People go on about the supposed 60s/70s golden age, but has any era produced as much great comedy as the last 5 years or so? Spaced, Black Books (both should stay Fawlty Towers style perfect two-series jobs, IMHO&#33, League Of Gentlemen, Phoenix Nights, The Office, Brass Eye, Jam, 1st 2 series of Partridge, Father Ted, The Royle Family...loads of &#39;em, easily the equal as a roster to anything older. The most weirdly underrated one is How Do You Want Me, which caught the living in a rural village vibe to absolute perfection. Painful to watch, but funny as hell.

                      Even caught Early Doors the other night for the first time, &amp; that was beautifully written as well (the debate about Best vs Beckham had me on the floor...)

                      &quot;Bestie, aye, e&#39;d have got pissed the night before the match, shagged a Miss World at &#39;alf time AND an scored an &#39;at trick in&#39;t second &#39;alf. Yer just don&#39;t get the CHARACTERS in the game these days...&quot;

                      &quot;What about Beckham, then?&quot;

                      &quot;Ack. Gerrin married wi &#39;is wife an&#39; kids n&#39;that...I mean what sort&#39;ve example&#39;s THAT ter set fer young teenage lads, eh?&quot;

                      Lot of crap around as well, but pretty good going in my book. And drama out of the US is pretty great, too - Buffy, Sopranos, 6 Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm...Never used so many blank tapes, or watched them so often...
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                        Spaced is alright, Black books is nowhere near as good as it&#39;s cracked up to be and gets tired very quickly - if it weren&#39;t for Bill Bailey I think it would sink pretty fast. Coupling shouldn&#39;t even get a mention as it is total shite...

                        Office, Phoenix Nights and some of Partridge is bang on mark. Gentlemen an acquired tatse, but once you get it, it&#39;s bloody great&#33;

                        Curb Your Enthu is, I think, the best comedy on the box right now... and forces you into it&#39;s unusual format and it works, took a bit of getting used to mind, US doc style quite different to the style adopted by the Office... Recently, West Wing has become my favourite show - learned to tune out of the &#39;tear in Amerca&#39;s eye&#39; bits, which thankfully aren&#39;t too often - but for a show with characters valued on intelligence over looks or zaniness, the writing has to hold up and it usually does, though like I said, it&#39;s prone to fairy tale &#39;right on&#39; political recuperation sometimes, but hey, beats Rambo for that...

                        Tried watching Kingpin, David Chase&#39;s new show, marketed as a Mexican Sopranos - started off okay, then turned to absolute crime cliche drivel and now it&#39;s completely disappeared of E4&#39;s radar... just as well really.


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                          Well, I think they&#39;re ALL acquired tastes, really: took me ages to &#39;get&#39; Father Ted, but when I did there was no stopping it. As for Black Books holding up only because of Bill Bailey, well I guess you could say the same about Fawlty Towers &amp; John Cleese (which isn&#39;t true either - Connie Booth, when you look at it closely, is the key to the whole thing, even if she&#39;s never the funny one...)

                          Spaced is a series that has so many specific references in it (and the comedy depends entirely on getting pretty much all of them, instantly) that it&#39;s appeal is likely to be lost on anyone lacking Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Prefab Sprout, Buffy, Bogling and 80s performance art as second nature... If there&#39;s a show that probably needs academic footnotes &amp; commentaries, that&#39;s it: in twenty years time it&#39;ll be as impenetrable as one of those 18th century epic poems where every other line demands knowledge of some obscure classical or biblical allusion...

                          I thought series 1 of West Wing was great, in a very sharp, 1940s screwball comedy, Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy kinda way (y&#39;know, My Girl Friday etc) but once it hit series 2 it seemed to get too bogged down in its liberal politics and its cloud-cookoo land version of how US politics works. Stopped watching it halfway through that season, as it had turned to gushing, sentimental rot by then. Maybe it&#39;s found its feet again since...

                          &#39;Coupling&#39; IS complete shite, though. No argument there.
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                            &#39;Phoenix Nights&#39; still does it for me. &#39;That Peter Kay Thing&#39; gets a (waaaay overdue) DVD release in the New Year (&quot;Yer stupid set o&#39; bastards&#33;&#33;&quot.

                            Yep, I think this thread shows that we do underrate our comedy output, there&#39;s plenty of gems beneath all the shite that ITV and BBC1 like to put out between 19.30 - 21.00, &#39;My Hero&#39; anyone?

                            Still got massive affection for &#39;Cheers&#39; though. And &#39;Rising Damp&#39;.


                            PS If you want pure League of Gents action, come to Newark-On-Trent and go to the Oxfam shop. Everytime that doddery old bint asks me if I want a bag, I have to bite my lip.
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                              agreed to all of the above (except i think Coupling is great&#33, but &#39;Peep Show&#39; has been the best thing on tv for ages... simultaneously hilarious and terrifying

                              and that &#39;Magick&#39; thing was quite good too