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    are any of these de wolfe lp's worth buying?, sorry that's all the info i have on them, no cat numbers or dates.

    hair of the dog £7
    hot night £8
    roundabouts £6
    soul sarabande £7
    traveller £6
    weekend world £6
    gun barrel highway (simon park) £10
    soft pedal - pieces of eight £7

    do they have any funky tracks on them?
    I want to go to the land of ooog!

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    traveller £6

    excellent for drums. i like this one for the tunes, too.


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      hair of the dog £7 - kind of funky disco that one - not too bad.
      hot night £8 - Alan Parker this one - some very nice tracks (and some cod reggae)
      weekend world £6 - one really ace track but I forget what it's called - the rest is so so.
      gun barrel highway (simon park) £10 - more discoey stuff - I didn't rate this one but others might.
      I agree with Wooly on Traveller though much underrated!
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (happy monster @ Nov. 11 2003,19:50)]roundabouts £6
        soul sarabande £7
        Roundabouts is early 80s, flutey easy listening - I seem to recall quite liking it, but I don't think it's especially funky.

        Soul Sarabande - big, slightly classically influenced orchestral with some funky-ish bits, and a very small bit of buzz flute, I like it!

        The good track on 'Weekend World' is 'Move Over'.


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          thanks for the info guys.
          I want to go to the land of ooog!