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  • Website design question

    I'm designing the website for a little label I'm starting (my plans to make a record have expanded) and I basically want it similar to the Vinyl Vulture site with a frame so I can have all the text in the middle and have links and graphics top and bottom and maybe sides too. I have no idea how to do this though. I'm using Dreamweaver and there's a way to make the site using frames but not frames on all four sides. Anyone help would be much appreciated as this is taking me forever as it is.

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    i'd personally avoid using frames - they can cause problems both for the site's owner and as well as users. the VV style frame also means that all the text is squashed in the middle and hard to read. i always open VV links in new pages (or tabs, it being Mozilla) to get out of the frameset. plus you'll notice that all the Google results point straight to the content, not with the frameset.

    if you want to use frames, i'd recommend just having two, one on the left or at the top containing the logo and menu links, and the other, larger frame with the content. that's the most standard way of doing things, and will still look very nice.

    if you really want the VV style frames, then first make three columns, with the centre one as wide as you want the content to be, and then load into this another file specifying a frameset with three rows (top menu, content frame, bottom menu). no idea how to do this in Dreamweaver, but i can send you the HTML which you can paste into the editing box i believe.

    congrats on making a record though!


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      I wouldnt use frames at all mate. If you want the text in the middle then you can do it easy enough with a table or something called a style sheet. Ok it doesnt have the scroll bar in the middle but its a small price to pay.

      Let me knock you something up. <- Changed URL


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        Cheers for the info chaps. Frames are now out. I&#39;ll trust your judgement on that one. sermad that&#39;s a generous offer. I have the basic layout (that I was going to covert over to frames) done so I could send you that and you can mess about with it or do something new or whatever. That would be tops.


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          If you send it me then I can muck about with it. A bit more html work to my all dayer today can&#39;t hurt

          here is a zip file anyway. File here

          And two links to some dummy pages - one with tables and one with css.

          Table Test

          Syle Test
 <- Changed URL


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            I sent it to sermad(at) I haven&#39;t emailed you for a while but I think that&#39;s the one. You&#39;ll have got it twice because obvioulsy the first time I forgot to attatch the file.