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God i loved being on holiday!

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  • God i loved being on holiday!

    After what seems like an age (probably about a month) I am back on line proper with a new motherboard

    The result of this hiatus is that you poor fellows have been missing out on my regular updates on records that I have found on my holidays. Well the wait is over! Apologies for the length of this post, stop reading if you get board. These were all acquired during my recent two week half term break. Let the journey begin.......


    The Royal Philharmonic Orch - The Concert John Barry
    The Power and the Glory - Sing - Break on Jesus
    Circles of Sound comp - Fever by the Certain Lions and Tigers
    Jack Parnell - More TV Times Themes - Kojak, Man about the House, etc
    John Gregory - Gregory Conducts - Loads of great tracks particularly a Gregory composition A Face in the clouds
    ?? - Instrumental Spectrum - Cool versions of Pick up the Pieces and 2001
    Steve Miller - Fly Like an Eagle - Heavily sampled title track
    Tony Hatch - Beautiful in the Rain - Mas Que Nada
    Tony Hatch - Downtown - Man Alive, Call Me
    Percy Faith - New Thing - Great version of Hill Wheer the Lord Hides.
    Howard Blake - That Hammond Sound - A Blake original Scorpio is my fave.
    Tom Jones - Live in Las Vegas - Hard to handle rocks!!
    Paul Mauriat - Stereo Spectacular - Etude in the Form of R and B
    Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M - Daytime Hustler has a much sampled piano intro
    Elvis Presley - The '68 Comeback - Amazed to find a double of this, contains the instrumental of A Little Less Conversation amongst other things.
    Michel Legrand - The Man and his Music - The Deep Blue C
    Jack Parnell - Film Scores of the 70's - Enter the dragon, etc
    The Young Generation - The Best of - Loads of scat madness
    The Young Generation - Photograph - Scat!!
    The Young Generation - Walt disney presents - More Scat!!
    Happy House - Happy Monsters - Jb rip off tracks
    Elmer bernstein - The Silencers - Cool 60's spy soundtrack
    Rupert and the Firebird - Funky kiddie record
    Jimmy Mcgriff - Let's Stay Together - Shaft, What's Going on, etc
    Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess
    Al Jarreau - Jarreau does Whithers - all the classics covered here.
    Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express - Afrika Bam sample
    The Loading Zone - S/T - Can I Dedicate
    The Outlaw Blues Band - Breakin' In - Cypress Hill sampled Deep Gulley which is a fantastic track
    Tim Maia - Mundo Racional - From Tims days in a cult, this is deep Brazillian Funk.
    Bert Kaempfert - 6 Plus 6 - I rarely see this lp, cool version of Shaft
    Gunter Kallman - The Very Best of - Daydream
    Ray Mcvay - 50 Great Party Hits - Ray's version of Vehicle is top notch.
    Big Jim H - Hammond Organ Dance Party - I'm a sucker for this lp.
    Anita Harris - Just Loving You - The Playground is a great female vocal track
    Shirley Bassey - Something - How could I turn down this at 20p???
    Rock Steady Crew - Hey You 12"
    The Phase Four World of Thrillers - Great cover, ok music.
    Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man - I could listen to Get thy Bearings until the cows come home.

    Ebay / Dealers

    Ted Atking - Pop Music for Dancing - Comercial French release of some of Jack Arel's Chappell Library work
    Roland Thyssen - Hammond Organ - Great version of Ferrers Mao et Mao
    Godchild - S/T - finally managed to locate a cheap copy of this, absoloute classic!
    Dracula's Music Cabinet - The Vampires of Dartmoore - Found a chep copy on Gemm, full of break, beats, samples.
    Cimarron - S/T - Got this from one of my Spanish connections. Not well known yet but soon will be.
    The Lolas - S/T - Another obscure funky Spanish record.
    Electric and Acoustic Sound - Spanish again, great version with breaks of Booker T's Melting Pot.
    Juan Carlos Calderon - Y Su Taller de Musica 3 - This completes my collection of the Spanish composers work.
    The Pyramids - Birth Speed Merging - Funky free Independent jazz.
    Teegarden and Van Winkle - An Evening with - Funky hammond and drums duo.
    Pierre Spiers - A L'Orgue Hammond - version of Soul makossa.
    Danyel Gerrard - Mediocre french crooning.
    Number One - Power - 7" with Nilovic track
    Greg Segura - Africa Pop - Very Limited Spanish 7" that I've been searchin for a long time.
    Jou Cogra - Darkness EP - Heavy hammond numbers.

    The next batch were acquired in a batch on the bay for $35
    Johnny hammond - Higher ground
    George Benson - Erotic Moods
    Blue Mitchell - Bantu Village
    Johnny Hammond - Gambler's Life
    Eddie Harris - The Reason why i'm Talking Shit
    Willie Bobo - Hell of an Act to Follow
    Harold Ousley - The Kid
    Dick Hyman - The age of Electronicus
    The Mystic Moods - Awakening
    Ahmad Jamal - The Awakening
    Hugo Montenegro - Hugo in Wonderland
    Billy Cobham - Spectrum

    Charity Shop Finds

    Robert Last - 56 World Hits for Dancing - His version of Lucretia McEvil is great amongst others.
    Sergio mendes - Love Music
    All the Music from Trumpton and Chigley - Memories
    Camberwick Green - See above
    Johnny Wakelin - The Golden Hour of
    Cheech and Chong - Big Bambu - usual stoned madness from these two. Great cover made to look like a packet of rolling paper.
    David Carrol - Percussion Orientale - Nice eastern tinged exotic tracks.
    Rob base - Get on the Dance Floor 12"
    Scooby Doo and the Snowmen Mystery - Great funky kiddie music on here.
    Joe Swingman - Sunshine Maker - I think this may have originally been a library release on Berry?
    Nelson Riddle - The Today Sound - Light my Fire, etc
    Henry Mancini - The Adventurous - Shaft, Ironside
    Andrae Crouch - The Best of - Some funkish moments from this Christian band
    Harry stoneham - Latin Lowrey - Smooth organ tunes
    Caravan - For Girls who Grow Plump in the Night - Classic UK Prog.
    Santana - Caravanserai
    Eddie Kendriks - Slick - Intimate Friends is a great track
    Baden Powell - Serie Autografos - Canto de Ossanha is beautiful
    Lou Donaldson - A Different Scene
    Sounds Orchestarl - Wigwam - John Schroeder production
    The King Singers - Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo - Break
    Frank Chacksfield - Plays The Beatles Song Book
    Newclues - Jam on Revenge 12"
    Bob Seger - Smokin' O.p.'s - Loads of breaks
    The Muppet Show 2
    Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand 12" - The B side is a live cut up of the Champ and other classic breaks.
    Various - Garden of Delights - UK folk rock sampler.
    Longsy D and Cutmaster MC - Hip Hop reggae - Interesting UK hip Hop 12"
    Originals - Another Time Another Place - fantasy Interlude as sampled by Premier
    Various - Hard as hell 3 - Comp of UK Hip Hop
    Harry Stoneham - It Happens on a Saturday - Harry with parky on the front cover looking suave!
    George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag - One very funky track on here. Buy it and be pleasantly surprised.
    No Strings Attached 10" - Tracks from Thunderbirds, Joe 90, etc
    The Love Machine - Feel the Love - Anyone have any info on this, value etc??
    Music Inc - S/T - This is a Uk issue on Polydor. Did any other Strata LP's get a Uk release. Blinding Lp by the way.
    Miles Davis - Holly -Wuud - any info on this one?? This is a promo 7" with the same track on each side.
    cadbury's promo 7" - James Bond Theme by John Barry
    Rufus Thomas - Do the Double Bump 7"
    Tom Jones - Looking out my Window -7"
    Georgie Fame - Beware of the Dog - 7"

    Oh yes and a mint copy of Moody by The Gentl Rain for 50p.

    Congratulations and apologies for all those with the stamina to make it to the end of the list. Tune in for the next exciting episode of....Digs in Space!!!!!!!!! !!!!

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    For what it's worth -

    I think most of 'Instrumental Spectrum' is the work of composer/organist/mate of Syd Dale's, Gerry Butler.

    Robert Last - his versions of 'Black Night' and 'Hey Joe' are also brilliant (and yes, he is related to James&#33

    Roland Thyssen - did an interesting LP on Studio 2, 'Piano Perfection'. I'll have to look out for this Hammond one!

    Joe Swingman - he certainly did some library stuff for Berry, I suspect he is a pseudonym (probably for Gerhard Narholz). If you can provide a tracklisting I could probably find out more.

    George Baker Selection - don't buy the 'Paloma Blanca' LP in the hope of other undiscovered funky delights - there aren't any.


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] ]Bert Kaempfert - 6 Plus 6 - I rarely see this lp, cool version of Shaft
      'A Tune For Tony' is the killer track on that one. Everyone seems to miss it though.


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        i think Roland Thyssen was 'Bun Hunga' - Wah Wah reissued the 'Relax' LP, which i think was Spanish (?) only. however the web doesn't seem to want to confirm this fact, which is odd since i would have read it there...

        and mark - i think it might be quicker if you just list the records you *didn't* find


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          yes bongolia Roland Thyssen is Bud Hunga ..   relax is a spanish repress..
          the original pressing is belgian and called "Bud Hunga and his diplomatic music" on HERBA
          and is rare ....  

          and there's a 45 of it.......