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Carnaby Street Pop Orchestra and Chorus

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  • Carnaby Street Pop Orchestra and Chorus

    Any got any info on this LP? I know it's Keith Mansfield but whats on it and when is it from?

    Any info much appreciated.
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    Originally released on Carnaby Records in 1969, this basically consists of a number of KPM library tracks (plus one from Southern) from Keith, padded out with a couple of instumental versions of recent Eurovision songs.
    The KPM stuff is top notch - the whole LP was released on CD (with eight additional tracks from KPM) by Recur records (a label partly run by a friend of mine, incidentally) and is thoroughly worth getting.

    Track Listing:
    Young Scene (KM)
    Puppet on a String
    Slow Rocker (KM)
    Piccadilly Night Ride (Alan Hawkshaw/KM)
    London Hilton (AH/KM)
    Dr Jeckyll and Hyde Park (KM)
    A Taste Of Excitement (KM)
    Boom Bang A Bang
    Drum Diddley (Alan Moorhouse/Gordon Rees)
    Teenage Carnival (KM)
    Funky Fanfare (KM)

    CD Bonus tracks:
    Monday's Child
    Double Act
    Pop Package
    Main Line Special
    Power Montage
    Soul For Sale
    Pop Fugue
    Gold Medal (All KM)


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      Cheers for that Mr Thames - now where can I get a copy - I've seen the LP but its £70 (gulp) and I'm not sure I want to take the plunge.
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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        The CD version is £15.99 and available from:
        Recur Records,
        PO Box 600
        G41 4SH


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          Carnaby Street Pop Orchestra and Chorus

          Hi I am trying to get the CD that you have been chatting about for a friend, can you tell me the title of it just for getting in touch with Recur (have I missed seeing it).


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            'The London Theme'.
            SPIRIT DUPLICATOR Est 2015.


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              Thank you