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    At the ole web company I work for...we have landed a dream job. We've got to do a complete new build of the Island records UK website. We are pretty excited about this because it won't be just full of U2, Busted or the other *great* bands on the current roster...but it will also have a historical section.

    So any artist or record that has been on island could be represented in some way. Obviously massive artists like Bob Marley will get a lot of focus but I'm asking if there are any other people they would like to see. Hopefully we can get images, video and un-released songs on there and really make it quite extensive.

    Also if anyone has any ideas of other things they might like on the site then I would love to hear them. This is a bit cheeky to ask but I feel it would be a bit lame unless some real fans were asked.


    Oh and can I have this asap <- Changed URL

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    Top job, Serms -

    OK - first up, gotta represent the UK hiphop with Black Radical MK II - the Mango label he was on was an Island sub. Released a few singles and a quality album.

    All the artists that represented on 4th &amp; Broadway - another Island sub. They released a clutch of important dance oriented singles including

    Skipworth &amp; Turner - Thinking of you
    The Horn Section - Lady Shine
    Screamin&#39; Tony Baxter
    Sly &amp; Robbie - Boops&#33;

    etc etc.

    And of course, you&#39;ve gotta go deep on Wynder K. Frog&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (Belson @ Nov. 17 2003,11:53)]OK - first up, gotta represent the UK hiphop with Black Radical MK II - the Mango label he was on was an Island sub. Released a few singles and a quality album.
      ...not forgetting the mighty (ok maybe I&#39;m pushing that a bit) Overlord X, also on Mango.
      Matt Hero


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        When island &#39;pink&#39; came out, where there records still being released on non-pink labels? The pink labels were to show that the record was rock of some nature - right?

        I have to say the jethro tull section is going to scare me&#33; (Can we have a hairy prog rocker icon pls&#33 <- Changed URL


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          the white noise&#33;&#33; (an electric storm).


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            Amazing island resource.

   <- Changed URL


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              Don&#39;t forget the London Posse who were also on Mango. 4th &amp; Broadway did Gwen Guthrie&#39;s ace &#39;Seventh Heaven&#39; in the UK. And The Stereo MCs. The Fania All-Stars album came out on Island in the UK. God there must be a mountain of great stuff.


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                Julian Covey And The Machine...
                You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                  Jethro Tull


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                    Almost forgot Nick Drake. Also Tom Tom Club, Grace Jones and Jimmy Cliff.


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                      Nirvana (UK psych band)
                      Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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                        Wynder K Frog (would be nice to hear something off &quot;Sunshine Superfrog&quot; (which may not have been on Island and &quot;into the Fire&quot
                        Spooky Tooth (they did some good tracks)
                        and I have to admit to being something of a Traffic fan although they are probably already well covered on the net.
                        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                          If you&#39;re getting historical, you gotta give props to the 60s off shoots.

                          SUE records (&#33;&#33;&#33
                          - Originally set up in the UK to license stuff from the US Sue label - ended up &quot;just&quot; releasing some of the choicest RnB, Jazz, Blues, through to 60s Soul and into early funk from loads of US lables and places including some real groundbreaking records and suoperb examples of musicla genres. I think it ran from about 63 to 69 and most of the choices were made by the legendary Scene Club DJ - Guy Stevens.

                          Dr Bird / Black Swan / plus some others I think

                          Other subsidiaries for some brilliant JA music through the 60s. I think these were set up to continue the JA output - around the time when the main &quot;Island label&quot; changed design to the pink label and started releasing UK based blues and early rock (66/67).

                          As a rule of thumb most red/white Island releases would be JA stuff -and the pink label is generally contemporary UK styles. Notable exceptions would be Wynder K frogg&#39;s first LP and his first two 45s (Lovelight and Sunshine Superman) - being on the red/white label...


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                            Wynder K Frogg&#39;s version of &#39;Sunshine Superman&#39; like?


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                              There is a &#39;sunshine superman&#39; on ebay right now and I&#39;m buying it with the company credit card...just for research purposes of course. Heheh. I wish&#33;

                              Wicked ideas guys. The hip hop angle I pretty much missed out on.
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