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  • Recommend?

    hello, i am new.

    enjoy the site. much interesting info.

    is it cheeky to ask you folk to recommend good CD compilations featuring fat and funky big band sounds? i have got as far as obtaining the sound gallery and 2 mandingo cd's, both of which please me greatly (tho obviously sound gallery has been somewhat ruined by tv production overuse). i am a vinyl lover, but having a full time day job precludes trawling around the shops looking for things.

    ta much

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    Always happy to welcome another doctor into the fold, aren't we Rubs?

    There are various series of lounge and library compilations (Inflight Entertainment & Music For Dancefloors for example) which are generally more readily available on CD than vinyl.
    RPM has good stuff but off my head I can only think of the Hawkshaw compilation and Jim Sullivan's Sitar Beat, neither of which are big bands ...
    There was a Ray Davis compilation CD listed on Dusty Groove. I suspect this was an import from the UK and could be the source of much fatness.

    and then, of course, there are inumerable mixes and comps put together by the VV community, which could be a much more exciting prospect.
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      Speaking of the RPM stuff, does anyone know if this ever comes out on ?
      A nice reissue of Groupie Girl would go down a treat. No pun intended.
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        Karminsky Komps:
        2 vols of Inflight Entertainment
        Espresso Espresso
        Dig It! (a Decca Phase 4 comp, out of print now i think)

        Patrick Whitaker, Martin Green, etc:
        Sound Gallery (2 vols)
        Sound Spectrum (Pye comp - lots of nice stuff)

        i forget the compiler:
        Easy Project (2 vols)

        will have a think for more later...


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          That Amphonic comp was good "Ready, Steady, Boogaloo" I think it was called. Also the Blow Up comps are good.
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            i can recommend all those mentioned by dr_kraken and bongolia. i should chuck in a couple to mention:

            the two "easy project" cd's were on sequel, by the way. very good.

            there's a nice amphonic collection called "ready steady boogaloo" on summit. mostly funky big band library stuff.

            a lot of the library comps are really good for that kind of thing, too. check out "bite hard" on bbe, or if you can get "70s - the original soundtrack" on dewolfe, even better as it contains a lot of those tracks and a few more.


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              ha! lee and i had the same idea there, with the amphonic.


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                The Mod Jazz comps on Ace are pretty good - not sure quite how Big Band they are in places.

                Blue Note have done a million comps at this stage which may be worth a look. And some of the Atlantic type comps (Soul Bossa Nova, Eastern & Hip etc) are great and generally very cheap even on vinyl. There's a new one called Stoned Soul Picnic which I'm waiting for.
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                  excellent work chaps. keep em coming.


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (dr kraken @ Nov. 19 2003,16:01)]Always happy to welcome another doctor into the fold, aren't we Rubs?
                    We certainly are

                    I'll second the recommendations made so far, and add that the 3 volumes of Talkin Jazz compilations on Talkin Loud had some cracking big band tracks on them, although I'm not sure how easy they might be to find nowadays ...
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                      Some of the mojo dancefloor jazz comps have some cracking herbolzeimer-esque big band funk. Let me have a shufty later.
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                        Number 5 also turns up in my &#39;Soul Condor&#39; search...
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