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  • Top 5ive Breaks?

    OK - it's Friday afternoon - bit bored, time dragging etc. So what's your top five breaks? I'll kick this one off by stating the bleedin' obvious:

    Commodores - Assembly Line
    The Winstons - Amen, Brother
    Juice - Catch a Groove
    Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
    Pretty Purdie - Soul Drums

    ....2, 3, break!
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    Excluding the above, and right here, right now...

    Dyke And The Blazers - Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man
    Simtec And Wylie - Bootleggin'
    Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks
    Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman
    Lee Dorsey - Get Out Of My Life Woman

    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      Okey doke.

      1. Upp - Give it to you
      2. Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
      3. T-Connection - Groove to get Down
      4. Grady Tate - Be Black Baby
      5. Beatles - Sgt Peppers (reprise)

      Back to backs!!
      Stop wasting your money on records and get a proper hobby.


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] ]Quote: from bigdaddydan on 4:46 pm on April 4, 2003
        Okey doke.

        1. Upp - Give it to you
        2. Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
        3. T-Connection - Groove to get Down
        4. Grady Tate - Be Black Baby
        5. Beatles - Sgt Peppers (reprise)

        Back to backs!!
        <span =''>

        fresh for 86 you suckers........
        no left turns no right turns just straight ahead in the mix tonight.

        that takes me back.
        Whats you&#39;re style ?


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          Zimba Ku - Black Heat
          Mahdi The Expected One  - Tower of Power
          Kissing My Love - Bill Withers
          Power Surge  - Chris Rae
          PYHITH - James Last ( the 'live' one non stop dancing 13 )

          And all other the above ( and below I expect! )


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            ooh er I'm a full member

            Btw How do you customise . . . to '#7', or 'North of the border . . . ' etc - or does that not come until you get even fuller membership?


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              Funky drummer ( if this count's )
              fred wesley - blow your head
              funk inc - smokin'at tiffany's
              weldon irvine - sister santified
              the meters - just kissed my baby

              these are all obvious i know but.....
              only five is hard man.

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              Whats you&#39;re style ?


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                These are *currently* my all time favourites, but hey these things change on an almost weekly basis....

                Black Oak Arkansas - Hot &amp; Nasty
                Bill Deal &amp; The Rhondels - Tuck's Theme
                Bette Midler - Daytime Hustler
                The Simon Sound - Drums Away
                The Hoctor Band - Jesus Is Just Alright
                Matt Hero


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                  Lotsa my favourites have been mentioned (it was touch and go for the Funky Drummer there for a minute, but jammin came correct )

                  how about ...

                  Steve Miller Band - Take The Money &amp; Run
                  Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You A Little Bit More Babe
                  Paul McCartney - Momma Miss America
                  Jimmy McGriff - The Worm
                  Albert King - Cold Feet

                  R'Funk (destined to be a newbie with only 5 posts for all eternity)
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                    well now
                    at the moment, as well as all the excellent suggestions above of course:
                    Nu People 'I'd be nowhere today'
                    Third Position Trio 'Gator Party'
                    Rusty Bryant 'Fire eater'
                    Zalatnay Sarolta 'Hadd Mondjam El'
                    Power of Zeus 'Sorcerer of Isis'

                    er....ask me again tomorrow!
                    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                      I'm in a punk rock mood:
                      The Only Ones - You've Got To Pay
                      Elvis Costello &amp; The Attractions - I Don't Wanna Go To Chelsea

                      Cold Blood - Kissing My Love
                      Billy Squier - Big Beat
                      Incredible Bongo Band - Apache

                      And I'm destined to be stuck on 89 posts. What's happening with that?


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                        loads of cool ones there, hows about

                        Mad Lads - Get Out My life Woman
                        Manzel - Midnight Theme
                        Headhunters - God Made Me Funky
                        H&amp;S Lucky - Pease Porridge
                        Skull Snaps - It's a New Day

                        but like everyone else, it will prob change tommorow
                        working together for better bass and treble


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                          junior member for life !!!

                          i was gonna say the headhunters as well.( top break )
                          probally would've done tomorrow....

                          sorry for jumping in but what about

                          tom jones - looking out my window
                          love unlimited orch - my sweet summer suite.
                          westwood styleeee, no left turns no right turns just straight ahead in the mix tonight...
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                          (Edited by jammin at 10:32 pm on April 5, 2003)
                          Whats you&#39;re style ?


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                            In addition to the many classics listed here already [ and you can't argue with the classics, 'cos, well, they're classic for a reason :biggrin: ]

                            Black Sabbath - Behind the wall of sleep
                            Incredible Bongo Band - Last bongo in Belgium
                            Fausto Papetti - Love's Theme
                            J Hines and the People - Victory Strut
                            Anyone of many PYHITH breaks

                            Don't call it a comeback... H, N, and the number 7.
                            Ok, it's a bit of a comeback, I suppose...


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                              Some that I'm fond of that ain't been mentioned yet:

                              Tower of Power: &quot;Ebony Jam&quot;
                              Max Meier-Malitz: &quot;Swinging Nordwest&quot;
                              Kool &amp; The Gang: &quot;N.T.&quot;
                              Mike Curb Congregation: &quot;Burning Bridges&quot;
                              McCallum/Axelrod: &quot;House of Mirrors&quot;