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  • Anyone heard of these?

    hello all,

    i got, literally, offered these on a plate and for a dirt cheap miniscule amount of cash so was just wondering if i've scored a massive coup or if i've been landed with 3 crap 12 inchers which i'm now forever lumbered with. they DO sound good AND are all on De Wolfe AND i got 'em for a neat & tidy sum of 3 pounds each so i'm hoping its the former and i'm in posession of 3 gems! has anyone heard of these 3 or, even better, is/are in posession of one/2/all of 'em? and are they highly sought after do you know, worth hanging on to etc? any guidance would be greatly appreciated and of much help! ta in advance, heres the 3 in question:

    Music De Wolfe - Silver Air 'modern progressive electronic keyboard sounds played by Astral Sounds' (cat no - DWS/LP 3433)
    Music De Wolfe - Space Drive 'modern group sounds featuring electric guitars and keyboards played by Astral Sounds. Suitable for space, travel, air, sea, rock etc' (cat no - DWS/LP 3445)
    The Kevin Peek Experience - Straight Flight 'Up-to-date inventive group sounds featuring the kevin peek experience' (DWS/LP 3449)

    anyone know owt? i apologise for being an amateur, these are probably quite well known in the fields of library music and are in all of youse collective collections but i'm new to this whole cratedigging lark!

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    I think these are all late-70s, possibly early 80s, a bit spacey and disco influenced (I've got 'Space Drive', I might have 'Silver Air' as well) - not to everyone's taste, but I quite like them!

    I'll try and find my copy/copies and give you a more deatiled verdict.


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      Some of the 'Astral Sounds' deWolfes are a little sought after. Ive never got much in the way of money for them. Some people round here do like wibbly strange 80's electronics. <- Changed URL