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    Just got this from Cherry Red:

    RPM 256
    Alan Hawkshaw
    Mo’ Hawk – Mood Mosaic Vol. 7
    He is one of those names. Those names that you've read on countless album covers or single labels as arranger, writer or keyboard player. Not surprising as Alan has played from 1960 onwards on approximately 7,000 recording sessions. Following early years as a member of Emile Ford's Checkmates backing band Alan contributed to many hits, such as :I'll Close My Eyes and Count To Ten Dusty Springfield, Zabadak Dave Dee & Co. ,Hurdy Gurdy Man Donovan, Here Comes My Baby The Tremeloes, Everlasting Love Love Affair, Reflections of My Life Marmalade, Black Is Black Los Bravos, Bonnie and Clyde Georgie Fame , Sorrow Merseybeats

    In 1967 Alan also began recording albums for production libraries, notably KPM. A selection of early recordings all written by Alan, were collected together by Pama Records and released as The Mohawks. This album has seen plenty of action at the clubs ever since its 1968 release.
    Alan had another studio make up group in Rumplestiltskin, a version of Blue Mink, produced by Shel Talmy. He has also contributed to a number of film soundtracks and a cult TV series that dramatised Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious Universe. Along the way TV themes have sprung forth such as the ones for Dave Allen At Large and Grange Hill.

    Our focus is on the music that swings in the clubs, the hammond organ driven beat sounds such as Beat Boutique and Action Man , and the best chill out apres-ski numbers such as the stand out classic Girl In A Sportscar.This is the only Alan Hawkshaw collection on the market and he remains a high profile name amongst collectors. The original Library albums and commercial releases now highly sought after and these areClub friendly grooves. It is the first time on CD for two-thirds of the collection.
    RPM 260
    Magpie – 20 Junkshop Pop Ads & Themes
    The next in our series of early 1970's music collections. It is the period that is heavily influencing current high street clothes fashions. Hippy Chick T Shirts, Loon 'pants' and flares, sheepskin coats are everywhere. Magpie is a collection of music from a variety of sources that made up the back ground to those times, roughly 1970-1973. TV themes, film music, adverts, junkshop pop, the incidental music to the period. Focus is on the contemporary discotheque grooves and the light harmony vocal mood pieces. Volume One in the series , Velvet Tinmine, has been instantly well received. Compiled and produced by the same team this album will follow suit

    Pretty sure they only do CD though - bah!
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    appollosound have just done a reissue of mozart library only on cd too.

    when will these people learn that collectors only do vinyl! <- Changed URL


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      the Mozart Lounge is also on wax...i got one just the other week in town, so if its found its way to manchester, then it can find its way anywhere!!! its jolly nice too!!!


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] ]Quote: from sermad on 4:09 pm on April 1, 2003
        appollosound have just done a reissue of mozart library only on cd too.

        when will these people learn that collectors only do vinyl!
        <span =''>

        Mmm, don't agree there, mate. If it's a reissue I'd rather have it on vinyl. Easier to transport for out of town gigs!


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          and here's the tracklist:

          1. Girl At The Top
          2. The Millionairess
          3. Hastle
          4. Hawkwind and Fire
          5. Senior Thump - The Mohawks
          6. Dr Jekyll &amp; Hyde Park - The Mohawks
          7. Rocky Mountain Roundabout - The Mohawks
          8. Beat Me 'til I'm Blue - The Mohawks
          9. Girl In A Sportscar
          10. Blue Note
          11. Beat Boutique
          12. Dave Allen At Large
          13. Piccadilly Night Ride
          14. Sweet Motion - Groupie Girl Soundtrack
          15. Squadron Leader Johnson - Rumplestiltskin
          16. Move Move Move
          17. Powerboat
          18. Action Man
          19. Raver
          20. Drive On

          How good would that be as a bit of vinyl?
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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] ]Quote: from chrisvulture on 4:16 pm on April 1, 2003
            the Mozart Lounge is also on wax...i got one just the other week in town, so if its found its way to manchester, then it can find its way anywhere!!! its jolly nice too!!!
            <span =''>

            really??? woooh.

            It doesnt list the wax on the appollosound website (it lists others as lps).

            I need to get down to selectadisc tout-le-suite.

            Theres a dewolfe comp I've just seen on dusty groove. its very expensive and from japan - probably a boot. It focuses on the jazzier side which is always a plus.

            I'll see if I can get someone in tokyo to get it me cheaper.

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              I got that &quot;Give Peas a Chance&quot; Library comp yesterday on Crippled Dick - really nice and some unusual choice too - recommended (on vinyl too).
              "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                cherry red also reissued the wicked UK-only 'Loot' soundtrack... but only on CD! so prices for the OG LP with the killer 'Undertaker Song' stay high once more...
                Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                  im sure the undertake song has been dusty finger'd or booted on something else.

                  Nothing beats having loot on 45 though mate
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                    Mood Mosaic/Easy Tempo stuff does turn up on vinyl quite often, but it's usually stickered as Italian import copies... I'd guess from this that it could be forthcoming on vinyl, but maybe you'd need to get it on import. RPM do seem to do CDs only, though - never seen anything of theirs on any other format...(no Big Jim Sullivan, at least, because I looked) so it could be that RPM are reissuing the first Mood Mosaic reissue in the UK? Selectadisc in London used to stock the Mood Mosaic/Easy Tempo series on vinyl in the 'easy' section on Berwick St...bit hit &amp; miss as to what they had, but some of them always seemed to be there...

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                      I remember years and years ago there was an Alan Hawkshaw compilation called &quot;Girl in a Sportscar&quot;. I can't remember what label it was on but it was quite expensive here in Australia.
                      God bless Fatso.


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                        it was on &quot;hungry hawk&quot; records, alan's own label (if i remember rightly). i've got that one, still a very good compilation of his stuff across the board.