Anyone out & about tomorrow night in the rainy city then get yo funky asses down to the Attic (above the Thirsty Scholar on Oxford Road).
THE best music played by Adam Lever (the Harlem trainspotter) coming correct with an obsene amount of rare funk 45's, & Me, Boney, Jazz / Funk / Latin / soul.... + Chubby El Torro on the Salsa tip & G-Kut with more dope shit!
It's £4- b4 eleven or a fiver after. (give us an email if you want a sqeeze on the door)
Think my man Adam has done an exclusive CD to give away to 1st 50 folk in (super rare funk)!!!
Here's a selection of my set last month:

Os Ipa Ne Mas - Consolacao - CBS
Alice Clarke - Charms of the Arms of Love - Mainstream
Byrdie Green - Return of the Prodigal Son - Prestige
Milton Nascimento - Para Lennon e McCartney - EMI
Ed Lincon - Cochise - Musidisc
Willis Jackson - Nuther'n like Thuther'n - Prestige
Shelly Fisher - (Ill Leave you) Girl - Kapp
Frank Williams Rocketeers - Show me what you got - Lloyd
Hank Carbo - Bad Luck - HCP.

Should be a gud un, any support welcomed!
peace y'all
(Might get some hip hop on if were lucky&#33