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Dj format vs mike vickers

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  • Dj format vs mike vickers

    I always meant to post up about this but forgot until I listened to one of Ed and Jonny Trunks radio shows again...Anyway check these.

    Small Deal

    Little Bit Of Soul

    I really like some of DJ Format's music...but this always struck me as being a pretty cheeky. I kind of thought the days of jocking half a tune and calling it your own were loooong gone. (Actually in this case he borrows a little of one to make a lot of another).

    Or is it still acceptable as long as the end result was good? ie a really good loop makes a great song and its props to the person finding it.

    I don't have the album but did mike vickers get a credit on the sleeve? <- Changed URL

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    My opinion on this, and it is only the way I look at things (and please don&#39;t bring up examples from things that I&#39;ve been involved in and make me look stupid, I can do that pretty well on my own) is thus :

    Whatever you end up with should be better than the sum of the parts you assemble. If you&#39;re not improving the original, then you&#39;ve got no business messing with it.

    I guess Format thinks his work is a better &#39;arrangement&#39; than the original. Personally, I don&#39;t. But is a question of personal ethics I s&#39;pose.
    Matt Hero


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      I personally don&#39;t like anything Format has come up with to date.

      Nothing new, and a tad tiresome. OK.....some b-boys would say keeping the art of cut &#39;n&#39; paste alive, but jeeezuzz it&#39;s soooo dull.

      Sozzle......not for mezzle.


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        Format&#39;s removed the horn hook (my favourite bit) and replaced it with a generic vocal. Apart from that there&#39;s nothing in it and both tracks work in exactly the same way so you may as well play Mike Vickers&#39; track. Hmmm... Format&#39;s track only gets interesting with the outro. Not exactly his most inspired effort.

        The thing about sampling is that you&#39;ll never use a sample that noone else knows. Either take it out of context, chop it to bits or add more elements, but don&#39;t simply reedit the track and pretend it&#39;s your own work.

        (&quot;Wot I say, not wot I do&quot; caveat applies).
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