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Brillo black cabs and london fogg

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  • Brillo black cabs and london fogg

    Okay, it's long time overdue to nail down stage two of the Brillo comp before we can move onto stage three: mastering.

    This is what's left to get sorted:

    Fryer needs to locate his track and send it to Sermad for re-recording. (John, do you still have it?)

    Hadrian Elephant You need to get your track to Sermad too.

    Si Cheeba And you...

    Big Daddy Dan You too (where are you lately anyway?)

    LDJB You're cool, found a less crackly copy.

    Rich You're cool too.

    So, Fryer, Si, Hadrian and Big Daddy Dan: please get your records over to Serms so we can proceed to mastering, courtesy of Wooly and face the task of making a cover of some kind!

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    Monday then....