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Darren + chris or sie (?) in buxton

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  • Darren + chris or sie (?) in buxton

    Bumped into you at the Buxton record fair.

    Been checking out the site for about 2 years now and thought it high time I joined the board. Don't think I've met any diggers from here before, but I kind of guessed you two were vultures from the very speedy and professional way you were rifling through those crates !

    I hope that box of library stuff held something interesting. I didn't have time check it out (wheres my commitment !&#33, but thought you may have had some success. Hope so.

    Anyway , nice to meet you both, and thanks again for the great site.

    Mr Fish Fingers (james)

    PS, caught your name Darren, but can't racall if it was chris or Sie I met too. I was flustered meeting one of the legends !!

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    nice on james, welcome to the board. did you get anything tasty while you were at the fair?
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      Hi Theeman,

      There was alot of good stuff there, and it was probably one of the best Buxton fairs I've been to, but I had one of those odd digs where you um and ahh thinking 'Ok, I'll go back for that,... now do I really need that... oh christ, where was that record'. I ended up getting a Norman Connors album I'd been after and The New Goodies LP (£2) as a jokey christmas present for a friend who lives in Cricklewood !

      I'm sure other vultures will have bagged some decent stuff

      Mr Fish Fingers


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        hi james

        you must've read my mind!! i was going to put up a post asking for you to get in touch....

        glad you've joined us! there'll be no going back now..

        the library box turned out to hold a few items of interest - no big hitters - but it was mostly 80's stuff alas. some good stuff found generally tho' (see my other post)

        anyway, great to meet you, try and get down to yo mama! in january. we can have a drink and trade hacienda stories... oh and listen to some good music, too, of course.


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          Hello FF,

          It was Chris you bumped into in Buxton, I'm up in the North East!

          Good to have you here at V V ...  
          If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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            very nice to meet you james!!!

            the buxton fair is always a real joy to head down to-been a regular for the last couple of years and its always worth the drive. my best score was that copy of Dick Hyman's 'Age of Electronicus' for a tenner from the guy who had a lot of very good, but also very scratched vinyl!

            turns out that fella with the libraries worked for BBC Manchester and has a garage full of the stuff...our spirits dropped with the inevitable discovery that 'some fella came round a couple of years ago and took a lot down to [THAT] london'...still, you never know! access to garage could be a possibility!!!

            hope to see you at Yo Mama in january then James!!


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              Thanks all for the warm welcome !!

              I hope the BBC guy has some goodies left in the garage. Maybe he can put you onto other beeb employees ?

              Yeah, the Buxton fair always tends to have a few choice items. I've probably seen you there before, Chris. Got a feeling I might have seen you at the big Chelford booter thats relocated to just outside Wilmslow. Stopped going there this year though, because I'm not really pushy enough to scrap with all the other punters when the sellers open their car boots. !!

              Darren, yeah, I may well come down to your night. Haven't been to the Contact Theatre since I was doing my O' levels and got dragged there on a regular basis by my lit teacher. Again, I'm sure I recognised you too from around Manc. Have you been in a band, worked in a shop or something ? Maybe it was the Hac, as I did tend to spend a hell of alot of time there. Maybe we've grappled over records in King Bee ? !!

              Anyway, thanks again for the shouts.

              Mr Fish Fingers


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                hello james,

                yes, you might well have seen me at chelford these last few years...never again though, not since they put the entrance money up to £2. the robbing bastards. they must easily clear 5 grand on parking alone at that event every summer weekend and still they keep putting the price up. poor impoverished farmers eh! I seemed to have found much more goodies down the road at the cattle market this summer...and free parking too!

                whats the booting action like round Macc way then James?


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                  Theres no real booting to be had in Macc, apart from the odd school/hospital fundraiser. Quite a few jumble sales, if you're prepared to fight your way through a sea of vicious grannies on the hunt for Lady Di tea sets and old bits of curtain !

                  I've been to the cattle market too. Probably been 2 or 3 times this year but had no luck. I checked the booter out the other side of Knutsford, once or twice. I think it's on the road to Peover (?), I believe it's run by some asian guys who rent a field off a farmer. Considering how far out in the sticks it feels, there always seems to be a reasonable amout of sellers there. Bagged a few things here.

                  Oh, and Poynton Centre has the odd boot fair, but again I've never had much luck.

                  Overall, the cattle market looks like the best/nearest spot round here, and the Peover field may be worth investigating next summer