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  • Obligatory weekend digs posting

    My turn to get the ball rolling this Sunday, then! It wasn't raining out the Saturday morning Cattle Market for the first time in 3 weeks, which made the browsing (in that lovely frosty sunshine) a total pleasure: more so for finding the following - possibly the best overall heap of vinyl I've come home with this year, if I add the two visits to Rob's this week to the total...


    Bert Kaempfert: Now (Polydor) [the one with PYHITH break & Falling Free - up for trade if anyone needs it]
    Michael Jackson: Off The Wall (Epic)
    Back Door: S/T (Warner Bros) [great flute/sax, bass & drum combo from 1973 - sort of folk-jazz-proggy, proto-Morphine...]
    Holly Golightly: God Don't Like It (Damaged Goods)
    Holly Golightly: The Main Attraction (Damaged Goods)


    Every Mothers Son: Pony With The Golden Mane/Dolls In The Clock (MGM)
    Sam The Sham & The Pharohs: Take What You Can Get/Oh That's Good No That's Bad (MGM)
    Lionel Hampton: Just Jazz EP - Perdido/Flying Home (Vogue)
    Artie Butler: Freedom/Sweet September (20th Century)
    Herbie Hancock: No Means Yes/I Thought It Was You (CBS)
    Lalo Schifrin: Jaws/Quiet Village (CTI)
    Sopwith Camel: The Great Morpheum/Saga Of The Low Down Let Down (Kama Sutra)
    Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove Pts 1 & 2 (Warner Bros)
    Mike Post: The Rockford Files/Dixie Lullabye (MGM)
    Odyssey: Use It Up And Wear It Out/Don't Tell Me Tell Her (RCA)
    Earl Palmer & His Ten Piece Rockin Band: Drum Village Pts 1 & 2 (Capitol)
    Freda Payne: Band Of Gold (Inferno Soul Club) [gold vinyl]
    Dobie Gray: Out On The Floor/ Funky Funky Feelin' (Inferno Soul Club)
    Len Barry: 1-2-3/Bullseye (Brunswick)


    William S Fischer: Circles (Embryo)
    Pekka Pohjola: B.The Magpie (Virgin)
    Wynder K Frog: Out Of The Frying Pan (United Artists) a couple of bits in the post on Saturday morning;

    Jimmy Smith: I'm Goin' Git Myself Together (Verve) [cheers, Chris!]
    Dave Grusin: Candy OST (ABC)
    Vinylism's xmas mixtape, rammed with a full 90 minutes of cool stuff...(further cheers&#33

    A lot of listening to do...
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    I have the William Fischer, which I got under false impressions, but it turns ut a few really deep, head nodding soulful peaches on there, esp the opening track. Lovely stuff....

    On the vinyl frontere, I've had a few real gems pass thru my door this weekend, the Wool LP, Manfred Mann's Chapter III, some delish OST's & a little known modern-soul joint I've been after for more than 15 yrs, just never really showed up! Got it for a song too!
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      Managed to find a few bits on a smal charity run, nothing too amazing:

      Galt McDermot - Two Gentleman of Verona - Not really listened to this yet, anyone rate this?

      Mardi Gras.BB with Deodato - Down, Down, Down / 2001 - Interesting 12" from 2001, anyone know anything about this one?

      Power Themes 90 - Various classic 60's TV themes remixed.

      Eydie Gormie - Blame it on the Bossa Nova - Classic Jazz Juice dodgy bossas.

      Roberta Flack - Quirt Fire

      Sammy Davis Jnr - Now - Vocal version of the Theme from Shaft caled John Shaft here - Double

      Syreeta - Stevie Wonder presents

      Disco Club Vol 4 - German comp containg the theme to Black Emanuelle


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Dec. 07 2003,19:42)]Syreeta - Stevie Wonder presents
        .....once again, lovely stuff! Seriously deep record and one you will find in some of the more unlikely dj's boxes
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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (wayne @ Dec. 07 2003,17:31)]Vinylism's xmas mixtape, rammed with a full 90 minutes of cool stuff...(further cheers&#33

          A lot of listening to do...
          Cheers Wayne, glad you liked it - listened to your tape twice now and it's just getting a third airing as I type  

          Buxton record fair today.  Yielded lots of £1.00 library gambles on KPM and other labels I'm less familiar with (no "big names" so don't get too envious / excited) but the pick of the weekend's large vinyl pile were :

          Soul Makossa - Ghana Soul Explosion (Pickwick LP) - cracking! slightly cheesy but definitely got the funk
          Sounds Orchestral meet James Bond - Sounds Orchestral (Piccadilly) speaks for itself

          and my two charity punts :

          With Love - Jack Jones (RCA Dbl LP) - all the good tracks in one place, including "I'll Never Fall In Love" of course
          Eric Delaney At The London Palladium (Saga) - one or two "leftfooted" tracks in amongst the usual big band guff


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Dec. 07 2003,19:42)]Galt McDermot - Two Gentleman of Verona - Not really listened to this yet, anyone rate this?
            Which version of this did you find. I wrote a review of the one on the Kilmarnock label over here
            The other version (ABC records in the US) is ok, some nice parts, and although I've never heard it on my copies of the LP there is supposed t be one very drum heavy track. If anyone is looking for this I got several extra copies.

            todays finds:

            Linda Tillery "Sweet Linda Divine" (Columbia)

            Enoch Light "Spaced Out" (Project 3)

            Albino Gorilla "Detroit 1984" (Kama Sutra)

            Fresh Out of Borstal" "S/T" (RCA)

            Booker T & the MG's "Melting Pot" (Stax) - Never seen this for under $15, was happy as hell to see a $3 price tag on it this time

            Cheyennes Comin' "S/T" (Shadybrook)

            Kaygees "Keep on Bumpin' & Masterplan" (Gang) - Trade/ Double

            World Class Wreckin' Cru "Turn off the Lights" (Kru-Cu) - Trade/ Double

            Black Ivory "Don't Turn Around" (Today)

            Little Sonny "Hard Goin' Up" (Enterprise)

            Irene Reid "The World Needs What I Need" (Polydor)

            Dick Jensen "White Hot Soul" (ABC) - Trade/ Double

            Melvin Van Peebles "Don't Play Us Cheap OST" (Stax)

            Gunter Kallmann "In Hollywood" (4 Corners)

            Evergreen HS Band "Music At..." (Custom) - has a version of "Scorpio" on it...kinda cute


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] ]Syreeta - Stevie Wonder presents
              Is that the one with 'Black Maybe' and 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' on it? If so, love that LP.

              I hardly had time to do any charity shops this weekend, I managed to fit in a couple on Saturday morning and found a few of the usuals:

              New Freedom Singers 'Put Your Hand In The Hand'
              Playschool 'Bang On A Drum'
              Alan Tew 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'
              Don Lusher Big Band 'Cavatina'
              Les Humphries Singers 'Mexico'
              Alan Haven 'Alan Haven Organ Show'
              John Dales 'Latin Hammond'

              most of these will be appearing in a 'Freebies' thread near you soon!

              But I got a nice curio by David Fanshawe called 'Arabian Fantasy' featuring Denis Lopez, Tristan Fry, Roger Coulam, Chris Karan, Toni Campo, Alan Parker et al and it has some nice tunes, full of Eastern promise and a nice break that would be if I didn't have such a big gob. Look out for this one.

              Didn't get much from Rob's this week, cos I'm not like Wayne, I have to go to work !! But I did snap up a Jane Birkin 2LP set for £4 and without being bitten by rats or having any of the teetering piles of vinyl and detritus collapse on me!

              I've ate one too many profiteroles though and feel sick as a pig.

              Benicio Del Queasy
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                i didn't get to go out anywhere this weekend, but a mate of mine got 'blue cheer - vincebus eruptum' orig for 50p from an antiques shop, and it's in good nick!
                I want to go to the land of ooog!


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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] (La-Soul-Fiend @ Dec. 06 2003,20:40)]I have the William Fischer, which I got under false impressions, but it turns ut a few really deep, head nodding soulful peaches on there, esp the opening track. Lovely stuff....
                  I love this LP - I was lucky someone had left a post-it note on the sleeve saying "dunno what to make of this - sort of funky electronic psychedelic tracks from same time as, and a lot like, Sly Stone, Hendrix, Shuggie Otis etc...". Which about sums it up, really. I especially like the way you've no idea what's coming next: soulful stuff, string-based stuff, mad psych stuff...and Morton Subotnik-style avant-garde electronic/moog stuff. Was this a one-off, or are there more out there??

                  And glad Mr del Toffo got his phrasing correctly nuanced: I don't GO to work, I just work (freelancing from home does go nicely with digging). I'm learning the secret of Rob's longevity now. Just when I'd almost stopped going in because I was flicking through the same stuff week in week out, he comes up with a haul like that at prices you can't quite credit you've read properly. If only he'd build himself some actual racks or something...
                  a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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                    My weekend finds:

                    Mystic Moods -Erogenous

                    Marc Capianni -I belive in miracles Capitol 1974 (promo)
                    (The OG version of Jackson Sisters Hit) Any info on this?

                    Gabor Szabo -Nightflight


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                      Went to a record fair on Sunday... first one ever - you might say "eh?" but they don't happen often in Auckland...

                      Stuff I paid a little bit of proper $$$ for:

                      Afrique "Soul Makossa"

                      Slave S/T

                      Bob James "One" (first time I've ever seen this... that's ridiculous really eh...)

                      Dennis Coffey "Hair & Thangs" (re-issue - nice price at $15)

                      Lyn Collins "We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty" 45

                      Beau Dollar "I Want To Go Where The Soul Trees Grow" 45

                      Some 1993 funk comp that I can't remember the name of

                      Houston Person "Houston Express"

                      Winstons "Amen Brother" 45

                      Cheapies & freebies:

                      Daly-Wilson "On Tour '73" (double)

                      Malo "Dos" (double)

                      Galapagos Duck "Ebony Quill"

                      Donovan "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (finally... Jap paper sleeve edition, I'd rather have sturdy cardboard truth be told)

                      Savoy Brown "I FORGOT THE NAME OF THIS RECORD"

                      Galt McDermot Hair OST 2LP (1979 movie version)

                      Gary Byrd "The Crown" 12"

                      The Jack Jones record with the stereo panned breaks on it... (silly really, just last week I was throwing all this kind of thing out...)

                      Plus some crap bought for 10c or nothing on spec... and probably some other good stuff that I've forgotten.

                      And from the shops...


                      Madder Lake "Stillpoint" (Aussie prog with a couple of nice tunes on it - although somewhat in need of a re-edit... cheers to Rolex for the knowledge on this one)

                      Some radio documentary on 12" promoting prog rockers Kansas, various soundbites of them sounding pretentious - good mixtape fodder

                      SOMETHING ELSE BUT I FORGOT WHAT - hey it's late...

                      Plus a big parcel arrived from Turntable Lab so basically, I'm never going to get to listen to any of this stuff...


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                        Went through about 5,000 7" singles looking for a secret squirrel Aussie joint... ended up just finding these:

                        Vicky - Heut War Premiere / Mein Haus 7"
                        Average Aussie Band - Aussie Rap 7"
                        Quincy Conserve - Ride The Rain / I Feel Good 7"

                        Got a package of library LPs in the mail... nothing too spectacular but there's moments here and there. Let me know if ya'll are interested in any...



                        1090 Bass and Percussion Vol.3

                        Thriller/Suite Of The Hurricane/Suite Of The Shark
                        Country Bound
                        Rock City

                        DE WOLFE
                        The Professionals

                        Gut Reaction!

                        The Happy Beat
                        Modern Rhythmic Impressions
                        Dynamic Rhythms

                        Synthesizer Themes

                        Dramatic Brass and Romance For Brass & Strings
                        Mostly Brass And Sweeping Strings
                        Bouncing Brass and For Full Brass
                        Big And Brassy

                        Mood Music Vol. #14
                        Mood Music Telecineradio Vol. #5, #16, #17, #18, #19


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                          Strangely, I find myself only interested in (not to say mesmerised by) a pair of breasts.

                          How did that happen?

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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (DJ Sheep @ Dec. 09 2003,12:00)]Average Aussie Band - Aussie Rap 7"
                            What's this then? Sounds amusing.


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                              I was in Paris for work but got to go to Clingancourt on Sunday and found a few 7"s (Harry Lime theme, Sheila, Cerrone) and the following LPs:

                              Hamilton Bohannon - Bohannon
                              John Luc Ponty - Upon the Wings of Music
                              Santana - Swing of Delight
                              Billy Paul - War of the Gods (reissue 8euro - great sleeve)

                              all five euro each. Didn;t fancy paying the huge p[rices some stuff was attracting - and why exactly is the Jorge Santana album going for between 10 and 30 or 40 euro??? Yes the one you gave back to the charity shop Wyane. I assume its 'cos of the naughty cover and these guys are chancing their arm?

                              I also got CDs of Le Jazzbeat (French library psych funk and Magpie - 70's TV themes, ads and suchlike recent comp on cherry red/rpm).
                              Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

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