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  • Very nice man...

    Bought a record off eBay the other week (no! never!!&#33 which was described as 'still sealed'. And indeed it was, but when I opened it the record was totally cracked, from one side to the centre. The packaging was still intact and the two records the seller had used for padding were fine so this obviously happened well before the guy listed the record. I emailed him, fully expecting to have to accept my first bad deal on eBay, but he immediately refunded the full amount, including postage, with no questions asked. What a fine chap... Here's his current auctions

    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.

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    Most dealers are pretty fair from my experience. I bought a 45 on eBay from someone as NM, which it was apart from a small blister which popped for maybe 2 seconds.

    I asked him if he had a replacement, but as he didn't have one he instead refunded the auction and postage. Result.

    Indeed bought something from Netsounds recently which wasn't up to scratch, and the seller refunded all costs including return postage, which was jolly nice of them.
    Matt Hero


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      i think the emphasis is on "most".  

      one particular london dealer provided me with a record which had a two inch hairline crack in it. i contacted said dealer straight away and - after a mere two months of my e-mailing and phoning them to get some kind of respone on the subject - the dealer sent me a copy of a postal receipt saying i should pursue it with the GPO as it was obviously them who'd damaged it.  this despite the fact that the two other records in the same package were perfectly fine.

      guaranted way to make sure i didn't spend any more money with them. and a good way to provoke a rant out of me when i've got a beer in hand

      no probs with eBay tho'