Just had a calamitous weekend.When I was driving home from work on Saturday my car decided to give up living and decided to burn all the oil off.Lucky I had the AA to call on but the car is now a write off  
Now I've got to stup up the Xmas readies to keep myself mobile.To add insult to injury I had to resort to the farce that is our railways yesterday.A journey that should have taken 2.5 hours ended up taking 6 thanks to signal failures at Twyford.To add insult to insult I had to fork out £35 for a taxi coz the tubes had stopped running     .Not only that ,I have to get up at 5.30 for work so I am well and truly knackered.Also disappointed as I going to break my Brillo virginity tonight    
Mind you,to make up for this trail of disaster I've recently come up with a few goodies;

Under The Sun-Nucleus
Music from El Topo-Shades of Joy
Fresh out of Borstal  (double)
Things We Like-Jack Bruce
Soft Machine 1+2
Womb -Womb
Awakenings-Ahmed Jamal
The Big Ones-Ted Heath

Life aint so bad after all