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  • Dracula ad-1972

    since talk turned to the subject of the film 'dracula ad-1972' in the beast must die thread, i thought i might ask about a tune that's played in the soundtrack, but i can't find reference to it anywhere.

    i know the band 'stoneground' did a couple of tunes at the beginning of the film but what is that lazy jazzy piece that you very briefly hear when jonny alucard takes that girl back to his pad and she's smoking those herbal cigs? jonny alucard introduces it by saying 'i bet they were all zonked when they recorded this...'

    i'm thinking it may possibly be something extra to the score, seeing's they used stoneground's stuff and also 'white noise' for the scary "dig the music, kids!' sequence in the church...

    does anyone know the lazy jazz bit i mean or am i talking complete rubbish as usual?

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (wooly @ Dec. 10 2003,01:26)]'i bet they were all zonked when they recorded this...'

    "dig the music, kids!'
    I saw this film probably about ten years ago and those two lines have stayed in my head ever since because I always wanted to sample them. The thing was I never saw the film again so I never did. I think I was planning to steal a bit of the music too. Definitely something else I wanted.


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      hehe! nice one, blighty...

      yes, one of my old musical aliases sampled those two bits of dialogue - thankfully the master tapes are lost in the mists of time.


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        How far into the film does this occur? I'll get the video out and have a butchers.


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          i don't have my copy to hand but i suspect it's no more than a third of the way in. it all takes place at jonny's pad. i would seriously love to find out, i must have been wondering since 1991!!


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            Don't suppose anyone has managed to track down that elusive jazz track, have they? And is the Mike Vickers film music (apart from the title track) available anywhere? I read somewhere that there's a track on a De Wolfe album. Any information gratefully received!


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              Could this be what you're looking for?

              Herbie Flowers


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                Thanks very much for the link (that's the Black Mass music, isn't it?), but I was looking either for the jazz piece that Johnny plays Gaynor in his flat ('they were all zonked' etc.) or any of the Mike Vickers incidental music. I've even tried phoning Hammer but no joy. Anyone?