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    Been seriously getting into a bit of jazz-rock recently and in this genre, have picked up a few lovely things by UK trombonist/pianist/arranger/composer Mike Gibbs. The first thing of his I got was "The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra" on the Bronze label (in this month's chart), and last w/e I got a copy of his excellent 1970 Deram LP "Michael Gibbs".

    Other things I have got by him include the tunes he composed for John Dankworth's "Full Circle" and "$1,000,000 Collection" LPs. I also have Alan Cohen's 1973 "Black, Brown & Beige" LP on Argo which he plays on. He's also in the trombone section on KPM's commercial release of "When The Saints Go..." by David Lindup.

    He also scored a few films - can anyone reccomend anything else he did that I really should be looking out for?

    Many thanks for any help as always!
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    Aren't there actually two Mike Gibbses? This makes things a bit confusing, to say the least.

    One Mike Gibbs (don't know which one) was the regular arranger on 'The Goodies' for a while, and those episodes are worth checking out.

    The only Mike I have on vinyl is I think the one you're referring to, playing trombone on an LP for Saga by the Dave Moses Group called 'Golden Trumpet'. This LP is truly bizarre, with some interesting tunes (all composed by Dave Moses), all obviously recorded in a hurry, so the playing isn't exactly flawless (in fact, in places it's awful), and all the tracks feature vocal interjections from a very enthusiastic black gentleman (along the lines of 'C'mon', 'Yeah' and 'Listen to the organ man now!&#39 Worth picking up for cheap!


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      I have 'Just Ahead', a double LP on Polydor recorded at Ronnie Scott's in 1972. It has one okay track (nothing to really shout about though) but the LP as a whole doesn't grab me. But maybe that's just me since it seems to command a reasonable sum of money when sold.
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        From my travels, I'ld suggest that you've already fot the cream particularly with the 'Chrome Waterfall' album. Very nice track on there!


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          Whoops. A while back, I took a copy of "Chrome Waterfall" back to the charity shop I got it from. I didn't think there was anything on it. From memory, a bit noodly for my simple tastes.
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