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A lovely xmas in weston and bristol

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  • A lovely xmas in weston and bristol

    I am staying with my parents in Weston-Super-Mare over the Xmas period.

    On Boxing Day (Friday) or the Saturday my sister and I may fancy a bit of a boogie. Anything good happening in WSM and Bristol that's worth checking out?

    Also, when's the next Record Fair in Bristol? I picked up some nice reggae stuff last time and the odd bit of rubbish.

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    John's your man... I'm also in the South West, 'interesting' Bath, home of the hanging baskets, according to Will Aslop anyway - and I agree...! Anyways, I'm there from Dec 21 - Dec 30, so if anything's happening do lemme know...


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      er - I'll be playing in my local - The Bell on Hillgrove Street - on Tuesday the 23rd. Not that exciting really, I know. If you were around on the 31st I've got a huge night on with Roni Size, Gilles P, Freestylers and all sorts of malarky like that. I'll have a look and see what's happening on the 26th/27th and report back...
      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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        I would always recommend The Cube cinema, 4 Princess Row BS2 8NQ, for those of a more adventourous bent . . .

        tho, really quite adventurous this month . . .


        Cube Outdoors presents 'Ninja Training Camp'

        Contribute your training and inexperience to a dusk DIY workshop of Nija techniques and terminology. Previous killing experience not required.


        Open Cola Laboratory

        We will be reverse engineering a popular beverage following on-line instructions.

        Chemists welcome."

        Hmm. (?)

        There's a 50:50 ( skaters ) xmas bash on the 17th, Djing and Vjing with skate films

        Alpha ( the band ) xmas bash on the 18th


        V/VM xmas bash on the 19th

        which might appeal, tho' might be happening too soon, and really not exactly 'boogie' worthy . . .
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        also see :


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          Cheers for all the info!

          Won't be down for the 23rd so can't make the pub do, which is a shame as it sounds like my sort of thing.

          The Cube looks 'interesting'.

          Once again, Thanks.
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          records - one a week soundcloud