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    moving house, so had to get the insurance policy changed of course and the agent from the CO-OP came round...posed the question of getting some 'cover' for the problem, says he! just as long as no one item is deemed 'irreplacable' then its absolutely fine to bang it on the house contents policy for no extra cost. their cover band leaps straight from the 12K's worth i did have for £21 a month to 40K for £25 a month, and so thats plenty cover for not much more dosh...sweet! probably only works if you are on the property ladder, but give em a go! The CO-OP kick ass!!!!

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    Im just sorting out new house insurance right now and its a right pain. So thanks for the advice mate. I'll see what they say about insurance in a worn torn country (hackney) <- Changed URL


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      Don&#39;t want to be seen to be peeing on your chips but...

      1 - £40K&#39;s worth of house contents for circa £25 a month is kinda standard across the board.

      2 - remember that the £40K is to include &quot;everything&quot; in the house, so once you added up all the furniture, electricals, kitchen stuff, clothing etc etc you&#39;re talking less than say (I dunno) 35 grand&#39;s worth of cover left...

      3 - and then if you say to the insurance company &quot;oh, and the rest of the £40K premium is to be spent on replacing my vinyl collection&quot; they will investigate and not settle for the full amount.

      The only way to protect yourself is to name items. That&#39;s the story I&#39;m getting from everywhere...

      In addition - £35K is not many records. In my opinion, it&#39;s approx 3,500 discs (averaging a tenner a pop). I know a lot of you Vultures out there have, got a lot of heavyweight pieces and so this amount of money will be easily swallowed up.

      Careful now &#33;

       +    = no money for  

      If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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        i&#39;ve always asked about records when getting insurance and they always say that unless it&#39;s a single artist collection (i.e. i presume proper geeky Beatles rarities and memorabilia, etc) and that nothing is worth over a certain value (i forget what, but don&#39;t think anything of mine reached that&#33 you didn&#39;t need to list things. i&#39;ve still kept a spreadsheet though, although have yet to put values on things (hmm, do i put 50p for Big Jim or 9.99 GBP - Ebay Hawkshaw Breaks Rare?)


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          Having looked at this a few times, I&#39;ve always worked on the thought that even if I went for the individual basis, that I&#39;d end up having to argue with an insurance company over the replacement cost of a Button Down Brass LP or something, and the whole thing would never get settled, or would take *years*.

          I&#39;ve gone for unlimited cover on my insurance (ie for the low cost sub £500 items) on the basis that if I was burgled it would be a small number of high risk items that went (and not my records), so I&#39;ve named them seperatly as high cost items. The only way I&#39;d lose my record collection would be if the house was entirely destroyed by fire and then I&#39;d probably just be relieved that I&#39;d got out OK more than be counting the cost of replacing all my SGA LPs.

          Just a pragmatic response really.....
          Matt Hero


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            be careful of the small print on any policy you&#39;re considering.

            some insurers specifically place a max value on payouts for &#39;collections&#39; of any sort (it&#39;ll be worded like that). the max value is usually pitiful (like 250 quid) which might cover, say, a couple of Jubilee thimbles, but bugger all records.

            forgot to add this - not really much use but anyway&#33;
            Chops for show, groove for dough.


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              Hi Matt - I like and agree with your comments, especially the one about &quot;arguing over the prices draggin out proceedings&quot;..This is what I was told, I would be asked to price each individual item in order to get full settlement....

              I think we&#39;re essentially saying the same thing. You&#39;ve got to name the rare records you&#39;ve got on your contents insurance like you would a piece of expensive electrical equipment or jewellry.

              If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (theeman @ Dec. 15 2003,17:31)]
                i was told that you can have a certain value of the insurance policy for &quot;personal items&quot; of high value, such as a large collection of records (again, assuming it&#39;s not all one artist, say, where the overall value would be diminished by the loss of one item). how practical this is in the event of a claim i&#39;ve no idea...

                anyone know someone who&#39;s ever claimed?

                as a slightly tongue in cheek aside, has anyone actually &quot;documented&quot; their collection to such the nth degree as detailed on the above link? could take a while


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                  I claimed for CD&#39;s when my old flat got burgled - just gave the insurers a rough estimate of how many were albums and how many were cd singles and they offered to replace them or pay up replacement cost, although this was at 70% of retail value, as they had a 30% discount going on with whoever they did their replacement business with. I went for the cash, as I couldn&#39;t quite see (or whoever it was) getting their hands on half the stuff I had (alot of promos) and having started to make a list of what I&#39;d had I gave up after about 400 albums. I keep thinking of things every so often and then remembering it got nicked - 4 years ago ... still at least it gave me an excuse to replace my CD collection with the less easily nickable (in bulk at any rate) vinyl format
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                    Its a really long winded process but I started to catalogue my records since coming to london. I put stickers on all the nice ones that are plastic sleeved and price them up as I go along. I think take pictures of them and add them to a simple database...Takes bloody forever and Ive only got a few hundred up here.
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