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    So I've ordered £30 worth of stuff from the US, and they haven't ticked the gift box or whatever, so I have to pay duty. But the duty's £18? - is that normal or am I being ripped off?

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    This may help. It appears that Customs is added to the cost of both the goods AND the shipping. And then VAT is added to the total of this. And then the post office will also demand payment for collecting the charges. So compounded on one another the fees soon build up.

    Under about &#3630 you should be okay but I always politely ask the seller if they could be a little creative with the docket. And judging by the time some packages are taking to arrive right now it seems that Mount Pleasant maybe having a crackdown.

    Manzo was once stung for fees for a package of freebies he was sent from the states. :shocked:
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      it also depends what it is. presumably it's second-hand goods so you shouldn't be charged VAT if it's marked 'used records' or whatever... might be worth looking into
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        I like the way if the customs people decide to open your parcel - they charge you £15 (or somewhere close!!) for the privelege.

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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]Quote: from sermad on 12:16 pm on Mar. 12, 2003
          I like the way if the customs people decide to open your parcel - they charge you £15 (or somewhere close!!) for the privelege.

          no thanks really....thanks!
          <span =''>

          I'v had that before.

          They charge you on top -for having to charge you in the fisrt place - and then they leave it to the Post office to ask you for the dosh - and the postie says, &quot;It's not OUR charges mate&quot;


          Has anybody had problems with the PARCELFORCE side of the PO. They are being incredibly inept at delivering some records &quot;all the way&quot; from France (when I get stuff OK from the States and South America fine through the normal post) all the time...

          First of all they try and deliver it to my house between 9 and 5 Mon-Fri - when funnily enough I'm not in.

          When I eventually get through to the national call centre I find out that there's no longer a depot round our way to collect the parcel from , as it's just been closed/relocated! (nearest depot now a 1 1/2 hrs round trip!)

          So, what can they do, I ask.

          &quot;Oh you can redirect it to your work addresss&quot;

          Cool, fine. So I give my details, they give me a reference number and confirm this should arrive in about 3 working days. Everything irie!

          Er, no. A week later, still nowt had turned up. So I ring the national call centre, to find out where it is, and quote my &quot;ref no.&quot;

          &quot;That reference number is no longer valid - because it's now gone past the five days since you re-directed it&quot;

          ...WTF ?!* - What you talkin 'bout Willis ?

          &quot;you have to contact the sender so you can get a tracking number...&quot;

          ermm, sorry. Does ParcelForce not have the parcel - when they've already tried to deliver it ??

          &quot;Your reference number is not a reference number - its just a confirmation that you re-drected the parcel&quot;

          Oh, yes. Silly me.

          &quot;you have to refer to the sender...&quot;

          Bollox to that. So I am put thorugh to someone else who is now able to give me a new ref no (a real one?)
          and says they'll check with the depot to see where it's up to.

          The next night a guy phones me up from &quot;the depot&quot;

          &quot;You're parcels is still here. We can't redirect this to your work - as it's outside the postcode area.&quot;

          So now after being penalised for working 9 to 5 , I'm penalised again for not working in my own street! So what can they do to get this to me then?

          &quot;Oh, we can arrange a Saturday delivery&quot;

          Good God - why did nobody say this before!!!

          &quot;-because it's all done thorugh the call centre and they don't know how the depot's work&quot;

          Fine. Cheers.

          Fingers crossed for this Saturday then.

          Thanks for sharing this with me.

          Esther Rantzen
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            mate I've just had this today.

            me : so im calling to arrange a time for the parcel to be delivered...

            postie : we cant give a time only a date...

            me : riiiiight...

            me : so can I get it redirected to my work?

            postie : yep send us a fax etc etc...

            me : riiiiight.....
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              you can get it redirected to a local post office (ie. somewhere near your work) and pop in there and get it in person.

              of course, they charge you for this. why it should be more expensive to do that than for them to redeliver it to your home address, God alone knows...
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                get everything delivered to a work address (either yours or a friend's if you don't work in an office). saves so much hassle!

                also re: customs charges, they are supposed to start charging VAT (on 2nd hand goods!!! ) on parcels costing 18 quid and up, including the packaging (but not the postage cost), but they can basically charge what they want and you have to pay...


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                  I was feeling a bit hard done by that my parcels &amp; packets always ended up being whisked out to the middle of an Industrial Estate about a mile away (&quot;the item was too big for your mailbox &amp; I couldn't be arsed to knock even though you're working in the attic&quot;...)

                  Now I'm starting to consider myself a very lucky bunny indeed  
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                    I ALWAYS mark the GIFT Box and say used record or used CD
                    I also black out the word MUSIC from
                    my Jack Diamond Music address stamp

                    SOMETIMES, if certain countries regularly open packages, like Belgium or the Netherlands, I ask the buyer/customer if it's OK if I don't include any receipt so the EVIL CUSTOMS MAN can't see anything relating to money at all

                    Ain't I nice



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                      those lovely people at fustygroove always mark the stuff at &#363.99 or thereabouts per item on the shipping note. which is nice. if you find anything there, that is.

                      on the delivery bit, work address is best, because:

                      1. there's always a security guard to sign for you, and
                      2. you can sneak the stuff past your mother/ girlfriend/ wife/ dog in your satchel without attracting attention. not that i'm feeling hen-pecked of course. oh no.