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    Going to York this weekend for a wedding. The wedding is on Sunday so most of Saturday should be fre to dig. Anyone know any shops to visist, record or charity. Thanks.

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    Hello Mark. There's a fair few spots in York - check dis:

    'Wildcat' (Micklegate) is a good 2nd hander, and it also has a store for jazz/easy listening next door. 'Blakeheads' is also on Micklegate and worth a look. It's a bookshopjazzclassicaloperarare type affair, but in my experience worth digging around in the jazz, big band and easy sections for those funky nuggets. I think there's also an Oxfam book & record store on Micklegate. 'Cassadys' and 'Ark' on Gillygate are definitely worth checking out - 'Cassadys' claims to never have less than 3000 records in stock, which is nice.

    There are also a few charities scattered around in the city centre, and I've found decent pieces in them before so definitely worth a look.

    Have a nice weekend and hope your trip is fruitful.. oh, and if there's a Moody round those parts, just remember who directed you eh?!!
    Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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      Cheers for the tips. Found a few bits and bobs, nothing earth shattering but fun all the same:

      Henry Mancini - The Mancini Generation - Versions of Memphis Underground and Killer Joe sound interesting.

      Tony Osbourne - Brass in the Night and Latin in the Night - Both on Deram, need to give these a listen.

      Georgie Fame - The Third Face of Fame

      Assagai - S/T - Great LP, better of the two?? Double

      Lionel Hampton - Europa Jazz - Killer Joe + Psychedelic Sally - Double

      Jerome Richardson - I Giganti del Jazz - Great version of Ode to Billie Joe - Double

      Joe Loss - Pop Dance Party - Version of Shaft