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Hf&s thrus dec 18 - xmas not xmas special

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  • Hf&s thrus dec 18 - xmas not xmas special

    This week: HF&S Crimbo special!

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty Dec 18
    Salmon & Compasses, 58 Penton St, Angel, London N1
    Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month, 8pm-2am. It might be £2, but probably not...

    Well it’s Christmas time once again, the shops are selling junk to the masses and seasonal classics by the likes of Slade are playing in Pitcher & Pianos up and down the land. One thing you won’t hear at Hot, Funky & Sweaty are damn Christmas tunes – for that reason alone, you should hoof it down here this Thursday...

    Are we scrooges? Damn right, scrooges of funk. No Christmas funk, forget it. Well, there’s always Milly & Silly’s Getting Down for Xmas, but we’re not gonna play that on principle. Fuck Xmas: it’s hard funk on the decks and kung fu projected on the wall. DJs are myself and Jonny Cuba of Dynamic Syncopation/Ninja Tune fame, plus any guests we allow in on the fun, and it will be fun believe me – we don’t need tinsel for that, bah!

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    come on, Mr Scrooge, there must be some good Xmas songs...

    Rufus Thomas 'I'll Be Your Santa, Baby'
    Jimmy Smith 'God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen'

    and what's that James Brown Xmas album like?


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      The fuck, Mike. You deaf?!

      I said NO christmas songs! NO!


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        Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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          There is one worth playing that's a bit of a belter (if you can find it);

          Soul Saints Orchestra - Santa's got a bag of soul on Hotpie & Candy.

          Tougher than Saint Nick riding bareback on a genetically modified Rudolph. I hope you've got something spesh in that camo sack with wheels, fella!


          And I'm not deaf - maybe a little....... .

          (BTW Nick, you might want to change the blurb date from 4th to 18th )


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              Bugger, and I so wanted to make it down tonight.

              Except I've been on a course to put me in charge of the radioactivity here <insert Homer Simpson joke here> and I've still got to clearup my to-do list before our work Christmas meal tomorrow. At least, I will do when I get off here...

              You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                James Brown "Soulful Christmas" is not just my favourite Christmas song, it's among my favourite JB songs.

                I especially like that he thanks me for buying his records. And apparently for going to see his shows, although I never have, because when he was going to come out here in the 90s he suddenly didn't, and besides apparently he has a magician now and also he really does leave the stage at the end of "Please Please Please".