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Ronnie hazlehurst tune id

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  • Ronnie hazlehurst tune id

    I put this in the snippets section, but it only got 8 hits, probably all from me.

    can any of you tell which 70s tv programme this tune comes from?

    it's called "treadmill" by ronnie hazlehurst, from a library record called "ben the big one" on montparnasse.

    it's so close i can smell it! driving me mad.    

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    Stone me! It's the theme to 'Three Up Two Down'!!!

    I've been after a proper version of that for ages! The BBC used a different recording though.

    You have no idea how thrilled I am to hear that - you don't happen to have the whole LP, do you?


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      three up two down! yes! thanks mr thames! you have no idea how relieved i am - cheers.

      i do have the entire album - it's a library on montparnasse. it also contains the killer track "flip flop" and loads of really good sitcom-type stuff. transforms your life into "terry & june" at the drop of a hat.


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        Hi Wooly mate, how's things?. Err, i'm in the same spot as our friend Lord Thames, as a bit of a Hazlel(hurst) nut (groan) 'meself, i've been looking for that lp for some time, with little success.
        Presuming i'm not treading on Mr Thames toes here, but any chance of a tape/cd copy?.    

        derelicts of dialect


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          Yes, I'd like a copy myself (obviously&#33

          And Soundhog - there's a full version of the 'Sorry' theme at but the sound quality is horrible, unfortunately. Makes me wonder if there's a single out there though.....