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  • Hard knock life

    Genius or gimmick led torture fest?

    I have to admit to absolutely loving the 45 Kings beat but sort of wince when the chorus kicks in....I guess it's love/hate!


    Go on wit'cha bad elf

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    You been watching the '100 Best Musicals' Palmer?    Have to say that, although I'm fond of a fair helping of cheesy sampling, this one overeggs the pudding for my tastes...
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      I loves it. I <3 musicals. And I <3 kids singing. That said the Oliver sampling one that follwed 'Hard Knock Life' sucked big balls.

      I feel like I've entered some ancient debate though. Just to bring things up to date I thought his new album sucked big balls also. Even that Rick Rubin track that eveyone seems to love.


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ Dec. 28 2003,17:17)]You been watching the '100 Best Musicals' Palmer?  
        Yeah It's true TV was sooo shite I had to resort to the mindnumbing drivel clipfest that is channel 4 these days

        get my freeview box on friday so it'll be 'Curb You Enthusiasm' all
        the way for me & mine!

        Happy New Year

        P. aka J
        Go on wit'cha bad elf