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    For many years I have harboured a secret desire towards Ms Strike. This unrequited lust is entirely based on her name, which appears on just about every early to mid seventies Lp , as a backing singer, I know she did a couple of singles under various guises in the sixties.
    Can someone point me at any info on the (I'm sure ) divine la Strike or even a picture. I seem to recall seeing a photo on an LP sleeve with significant big hair a la Lynne Carey.

    If you can't provide info please disclose your equally embarassing unrealistic 'love' obsessions, before the guilt starts to twist your mind!
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    I've said it before, my first big crush was on Anabella Lwin, doing 'Wild In The Country' on TOTP, I was completely infatuated.

    But on these seventies LPs, you can't fault Lyn Christopher and Roxy Music used to choose their cover stars quite well.


    PS Selectadisc now has that Moody bootleg in - £11.99. I decided against buying it as I'm satisfied with having the minidisc and the Mojo special has made me want to buy the Bowie back catalogue (well, up to 'Scary Monsters&#39 on CD. So I'm prioritising. Don't mind picking it up for anyone else though.
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