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  • Nerdfest update

    Spoke to Chris from the Salmon.

    Firstly, it’s gonna be called Nerdfest for all intents and purposes because firstly it raises interest from those currently outside of the inner sanctum of the underground London lords...! But another good reason is that pretty soon we’re gonna be looking at a monthly night offshoot where we’ll be DJing – that’s where the name Nerdfest will really come into its own. More about that later.

    Nerdfest will be included on the SalmonÂ’s monthly flyer. WeÂ’ve missed the deadline for the new batch, but thatÂ’s okay, weÂ’ll be chugging along just fine for now. As for a dedicated flyer/poster that we can leave in record stores, other peopleÂ’s DJ nights etc, Chris will pay for whatever design we come up with.

    I happen to have a very close friend who Peter Saville himself has said is the best graphic designer in the UK today, Julian House. HeÂ’s one a whole bunch of awards for his record sleeve designs, he does Stereolab, Broadcast, Primal Scream and God knows what else, I canÂ’t keep up. He even did last years flyers for the Salmon cos me and him DJ there... Anyway, I could have him come up with something, just a suggestion though, plus heÂ’s obviously super busy...

    Back to the possibility of doing a DJ version of Nerdfest. Basically, I guess weÂ’d work a rotation of the regulars, which will probably grow at the same rate as the swap meet itself. No space for trading on this one, instead weÂ’ll have a prime night thatÂ’ll be open until around 2am. Probably a Fri or Sat, even Thursdays are good down there. However, although Chris is totally up for it, weÂ’d have to get at least 50 people down there for him to justify handing it over to us.

    Now we can push for a weekend in May, since thereÂ’s a couple spare right now, or let our little scene grow a little more before we decide that weÂ’re ready for this. The first DJ version of Nerdfest will need to be really good if weÂ’re to make it regular... Maybe we should think about tying it in with a live set?

    So does everyone reckon they can pull in a few punters for a night of heavy tunes? Really? If so, IÂ’ll start applying pressure for a date in May, otherwise we can do it in June/July. I reckon if we start at 8 til 2, we can spread that over 4 or 5 DJs. Personally, I like it when DJs swap over all the time, rather than play preset times, but whatever, IÂ’m rambling here!

    One last point of business – the ad. Grandslam is the obvious choice. Who knows George the best? I know I don’t! We need to secure some kind of ‘mate’s rate’. Volunteers?!

    Also, the Salmon has an account with a PR agency. TheyÂ’ll make sure some blurb gets to the listings etc. IÂ’ll start hassling some journos I know about putting in a little piece about the event maybe when things start to get a little bigger.

    I can see the whole thing growing, but steady and in an organic fashion, I expect it to retain the intimate, community atmosphere it does at present. As far as IÂ’m concerned itÂ’s about having a good time and sharing the knowledge, so I think weÂ’re onto a good thing here.


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    Sounds like you've been busy making hay while the sunshines! Top work!

    Did someone say live set?

    Chris did mention last week that he had 'big plans' ....
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      Oh, and I might be able to help with the Grand Slam mates rates, but I suspect others will too ...
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        I'll give George a call about the rate. Are you really sure about 'Nerdfest' as a name?
        We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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          Well we did kind of discuss it a few days back and I personally like it as it's catchy and draws interest from other people - us regulars make up or will make up the core of the monthly meets, so what does it matter to us? Also, it's good for the 'showcase' style DJ night that will stem from it... But I guess it's still open if people still widh to question it


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            Im sorry I dont like the name!

            Why not speak to chris and sie about the possibilites of the vinyl vulture name having some link to this.

            It would be good for the site, its an established brand and its a cool as f name!

            just my two pennies.
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              I think getting rubber funk down would be ace. Ive had first hand experience of him tossing drums sticks in the air and people dancing with jiggy abandon.

              I think 4 or 5 djs is a bit of a stretch. Also a lot of the people who come to the lords meet dont actually dj and Im concerned they wouldnt kind of know what to do when you have to keep other punters happy.

              Im just thinking out loud here btw!
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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] ]Quote: from sermad on 9:58 pm on April 16, 2003
                Im sorry I dont like the name!
                <span =''>

                I tend to agree with Sermad on this one. I don't think a night called Nerdfest is going to be drawing pretty girls who want to get jiggy and, let's face it, that's what most DJs want to be playing to, innit?


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                  no, thinking about it, really don't like the name. I realise that as only an occasional participator in the event (so far at least) I don't deserve a full vote, but I'm not sure what it says to anyone outside this little bunch of posters on funky message boards. And as a weekend club night name, rather than a Monday night!
                  Nick, if your man who does the Primal Scream/Broadcast sleeves is too busy, I'm happy to come up with something (I do all my own flyers in Bristol) - I'm better at retro-influenced photo-based stuff, though (which might be what's required for the night anyway..), so if you don't want a string of flyers based on old print ads or classic lp sleeves, I'm not the man...
                  We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                    That's good enough for me. So someone think up a name and fast. Calling it Vinyl Vultures sounds good to me, that's also catchy. I couldn't care less where the whole meet thing orginated from - if calling it V.V. helps context the idea, then maybe we should do that, if that's cool with the site... As for the DJ spin-off night, no-one's twisting anyone's arms to spin and entertain people, just wanna make sure that everyone who's into the idea gets a turn entertaining folk on the decks... I guess its probably best to just decide on a name, get some blurb out and take it from there...
                    John, your offer sounds cool, wouldn't it be great if everyone sent you scans of all the holy grail covers they can think of? Nerds will spend hours drooling over the flyers alone!


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                      I'd certainly be up for coming down and jocking a few discs! As long as it's not called Nerdfest Vinyl Vulture much better..

                      I'm hoping to make it down to the next of these shenanigans btw, sorry I've not made it previously but it's a big deal travelling 200 miles on a school night. But next time it is - it'll just be great to meet you all. :cheesy:
                      Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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                        Y'all haters, Nerdfest is the illest name.

                        But since I'm in the Southern Hemisphere my toilet flushes backwards and I get a negative vote. Which means you gotta call it something else.


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                          I don't suppose advertising it in holland will have much use?
                          but i'm willing to help out in anyway i can.
                          as for nerdfest !!! NAH.
                          maybe V.V is a bit close to home as well ?

                          anyway i'd be more the willing to drop in and spin some wax
                          when i'm on the island.
                          Whats you&#39;re style ?


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                            All sounds great, Nick.

                            Like I've said before, I've never really liked Nerdfest either - Vinyl Vulture(s) is cool in my book. I like it.

                            I guess an affiliation with SoulStrut would be out of the question - SoulStrut could work, and it is after all where the whole idea of this thing started. Not as much impact as V.V. but could be good for the DJ nights.


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                              Okay well does everyone like calling it vinyl vultures? I guess it would make sense to use the plural in this instance. Is Sie &amp; Chris cool with this? Who knows them? Anyone else out there who hasn't spoken, speak up!
                              We gotta decide because someone has to get a decent ad rate from George over at Grandslam and you know how early deadlines are for mags and listings etc...
                              I could also email Raj at Soulstrut and have his logo thing put on the flyer -  I think it's safe to say that the monthly meets (shame you dudes hate nerdfest!!) is an offline community built from both forums - just happens that V.V sounds cooler!
                              So now I propose that y'all get to your scanners and send them images of your most prized posessions over to John Stapleton! Any file types/size you prefer John?

                              (Edited by Nick Cope at 9:11 am on April 17, 2003)