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Are there enough decent nights to go round?

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  • Are there enough decent nights to go round?

    Here's a thought: why don't we start putting together a database of all nights, be it bar or club, that have decent music, namely played by fellow VV's. It could be updated regularly and have an honest appraisal of typical numbers, five tracks typical of the night, who plays there etc.

    So if we ever fancy a drink on a particular evening in 2004, we may be able to locate a place that isn't playing muzak or any other god-awful melody, which is everything I don't buy. A music snob's guide to everywhere, anytime. We can then steer the friends' night out or whatever occassion to somewhere tolerable. Since we're the ones who really care about music, it matters to us the most, so we need to set up a comprehensive guide and not rely on any Guardian Guide or Time Out twatty tomfoolery ever again - who say yay?!

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    Good idea
    Several time a year I travel up to London for a days shopping and a good night out, its just finding the good nights out isnÂ’t always so easy. Even a trip around the record shops scanning the flyers can prove fruitless (well you find plenty of nights, but not necessarily the good ones).
    Luckily living in Plymouth finding a good night out is easy if you happen to be here on a Wednesday Any other nightÂ’s,forget about it.