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    I'm going for a long weekend to Devon next week, in Brixham. Anyone know of any half-decent shops in the area (i.e. Torquay, Paignton, Dartmouth, Totnes)? Ta.

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    Totnes: has two record second hand record shops thay are easy to find as Totnes is really just one street , at the top of the street (on the right hand side) is a little indoor-market type of thing, Iv had some luck in there. + theres at leat 6 or 7 charities.

    Torquay, Paignton: There is a secondhand Vinyl shop in Torquay, I dont know where but you might find some info using 'Google'.

    Dartmouth: Im sure there is some selling records in a old church/hall that has been converted into a market. Iv never been there as I dont have a car, I can only travel where the train goes..

    Exeter: can be very good, but I went there last week and its dry now.

    Plymouth: a little further away, and my home. DRY, too many big DJs coming just about every week.


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      ah...Brixham! (where my dad's family were from originally)
      haven't been down for a couple of years, but Torre Records in Torquay was good then. Charities in Paignton well worthwhile - also there was an interesting secondhand record/book shop in Teignmouth with some good cheap bits in it. As parkz says, you have to get up pretty early to find anything in Plymouth these days. There's a nice little shop in Bideford which you could hit on the way down though.
      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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        Parkz/John: Thanks for the tips on Devon shopping. Unfortunately, because it was a bank holiday weekend I didn't have much luck in Dartmouth, Torquay and Paignton, but found some stuff in Brixham and Totnes, mainly because I waited until yesterday morning on the way home to hit those.

        If you ever get the chance, Brixham's well worth checking out. There's a vinyl store on Middle Street (where most of the charities are located) called Middle Music (34a Middle Street/01803-856946). I didn't have time to really dig much in there and the black music selection's not great, but they've got some interesting looking proggy and rock stuff which I would've liked to have listened to (wife and doggie outside waiting for me, though&#33.

        Finds are posted in 'That was a weekend!'. Thanks.