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Technics 1210 problem

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  • Technics 1210 problem

    Instead of the headshell being perfectly horizontal over the record it's at a slight angle as if the arm has been twisted a little. I'm assuming there's a way of sorting this out but I don't want to start taking things apart if I don't know what I'm doing. Anyone got any advice?

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    Yeah, take to a recognised repair centre.

    I tried 'fixing' my own decks over the Christmas hols as I want to get them in saleable condition (my mixing / DJing days are behind me now), but ended up making a right chimp's arse of it.

    What's that about 'a little knowledge being a dangerous thing'?

    Pay the fee and get it done properly.

    Benicio Del Amateur
    Jet Boy stole my baby.


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      You should be able to unscrew the head piece that
      holds the cartdrige.

      Have you tried that yet ? Unscrew the head a little and then
      turn the entire thing so that it's straight. Make sense ?
      Have you already tried that ?



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        Yeah I've done that, Jack. When you unscrew it there are two little slots that hold the headshell straight and they're at an angle which means the arm is twisted round. Or it's been made incorrectly which I doubt. There's a little hole thing for some sort of key at the weight end of the arm and I'm guessing if you undo or loosen that you can twist or remove the arm. If it's as simple as that I'd rather not have to go to the trouble and the expense of paying someone to do it. I hear what you're saying though, Ben. Cheers for the advice chaps.


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          Turns out all I had to do was give it a little twist to straighten it out. Much respect to Joel at The Turntable Factory for the help. Top man.


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            Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Blighty !