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    hello, just a bit of spotting nerdery here for you: the question as to who the Prince Pato expedition really are....

    well, actually they are from new York, and J. G. Principato is a real person, a NY drummer who also used to run a music/drumming school in said city, and in fact funk/soul 45 heads who are acquainted with the Firebird label (the very fine if rather odd Kim Tamango 'not by bread alone&#39 will notice that one J. G. Principato is the producer, and most likely the label owner I reckon. anyway, what the hell beacon are doing with it is a mystery, but I don't reckon Mr. P would have wrecked his record with those stupid noises, I reckon Beacon overdubbed them later...
    I think this is right, anyway

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    Nice one Fin!!! excellent nerdery there sir!

    Towny thought that Mr. P also had something to do with Demon Fuzz...any truth in this d'ya think?