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  • Just scored these libes

    Just scored these in 2 trades with the same guy.

    No trades, no burns, no nothin', all keepers:

    Jazz Graphics KPM (Green Cover)
    The Sound of Pop KPM (OG Non-Green Cover)
    The Klaus Weiss Sounds and Percussion (Conroy)
    The Mood Modern KPM (OG Non-Green Cover)
    Daniel Humair DRUMO VOCALO (IML)
    Afro Rock (De Wolfe)
    Pleasure Spectacle KPM (OG Non-Green Cover)
    Colours in Rhythm KPM (OG Non-Green Cover)
    Light Intimations Vol 3 KPM (OG Non-Green Cover)
    Soul Organ Showcase KPM (Green Cover)
    The Spy Set KPM

    Rock on

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    Care to drop some breif descriptions about those LP's I got my pen and my Library Notebook pad all ready


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      Well, it takes me a long time to listen to stuff I get

      But the Daniel Humair DRUMO VOCALO on IML is the most
      insane brilliant "voiced" sound I have ever heard

      It's nothing but drums and voice scat wordless sick sick sick sounds. It is nuts

      The Spy Set by Peter Thomas is great but way too many short
      little snippet tracks but still great. There are a number of longer
      titles that are all excellent.

      I guess that's his only KPM recording, I think I heard that somewhere, maybe here !

      Soul Organ Showcase is just simply without even saying,

      Ummmmmmmmmmmm.........more later