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    I'm trying to stream the Gaia show that Gerald Short & Kym Fuller played on, but when I click on the thing, my computer opens RealAudio which tells me it won't work - I'm sure it'll work through Quicktime though... How do I get it to open through Quicktime instead of RealAudio?
    Maybe I'm getting it wrong here, I'm using a G4 PowerBook, anyone else get these problems?

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]anyone else get these problems?
    <span =''>Don't know how to help Nick but you are not alone. I often have problems getting a connection for streaming with RealPlayer and my bandwidth here should be well up to the job...
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      well its bloody annoying!


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        Can't help, but same problems with realPlayer &amp; streaming, too - seems to be fine at downloading (slow, on a 56k dial-up, though) but streams are constantly interrupted with 'buffering' rendering most unlistenable. If you've got Real as default, you could try resetting the default to Quicktime? It sometimes works for me (but not always - QT can sometimes be as bad).
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