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    I was recently introduced to the joys of Missus Beastly, who I can only assume are the German equivalent of Nucleus. Someone had told me that Space Guerilla was their best LP, but I've downloaded their (first?) LP, Missus Beastly, and that's miles better IMO. My question is: how ludicrously expensive is the first LP? I've seen Space guerilla going for affordable prices, but I can't find much info on the s/t one.

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    Bill, I'll bring it with me tonight so you can have a look/listen.


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      Mark, I've got it all downloaded, so I know how good it is. I want to buy the damn thing! I'll happily drool over your cover though


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        Bill I got this recently from a very nice dealer friend. I paid £20 for a mint copy, it shouldnt go over that but it all depends on where you snag it from don't it? And you're right, the s/t LP is far better than the Space Guerilla IMO.

        By the way, the big track from the Missus Beastly has been recently re-worked for a fusion style dance track on a 12" EP on Crippled Dick. You can grab at this here:
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          Is this the same Missus Beastly who did Dr Aftershave and The Mixed Pickles?

          Funnily enough, that LP title has stuck in my mind over the years...
          He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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            Hello everybody!
            Yes, my maiden post. Might have worthwhile contributions
            from time to time. Great forum. Hope my English will do for all you sons of Albion.

            Back to the topic:
            here´s a full Missus Beastly album discography:

            Nara Asst Incense (1000 copies only) - 1970 (OPP 5-32)
            Missus Beastly - 1974 (Nova 6.22030)
            Dr. Aftershave... - 1976 (Schneeball 001)
            Space Guerilla - 1978 (Schneeball 011)

            For the record.