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  • Customs value

    I've just bought some records from America which isn't unsual but for the first time I've been asked 'What value do you wish us to declare for customs?' I'm assuming that the actual value ($45) will mean an extra charge at Customs and that they're giving me the opportunity to dodge that but I'm not sure how much to say. Anyone know?

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    the customs limit on goods form the USA is 18 GBP. anything more than that will be charged VAT and import duty. best to keep your declared value under say 20 bucks.

    bloody second hand bloody records shouldn't be bloody VATable anyway bloody customs
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      Cheers Ed. Much appreciated.


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        I ALWAYS mark the customs tag as a GIFT
        and the most I ever say the worth is, is $15.00 US
        not matter how big the package is and include no receipt
        if I have already sent that up with the customer already before hand.

        Sometimes I will send the receipt separate from the package,
        only costs about 80 cents to Europe and write in a RED Sharpee
        HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! And put another note inside saying the samething for larger packages and say whatever amount I said on the Customs tag for it's worth and write CUSTOMS PERSON: $15.00

        I got thru whatever I have to do so you guys and gals don't get nailed by the EVIL CUSTOMS MAN.



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          Yup, just keep your value low and tick "gift" you should be alright. Some sellers won't do this tho for tax reasons, they need to give a receipt of some type, so best to ask nicely...