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    Hi everyone, I just stumbled across your site and am
    most impressed! I am a long time collector of vinyl &
    have a lot of carboot/exotic record pleasures I am currently
    having to shift, as I move house and they sure are heavy.
    I look forward to chatting to folks here and if you want a
    glimpse of my musical world please drop by The Garden
    The Garden Facebook Blog

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    Yo Mr. Gardener,
    Nice to have you on board.
    Im mister boney V, hit us with some trades or sales! Im sure the other gentlemen here would love to help you off load!!!
    You can't take a stocking offa bare leg


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      Hello & welcome. Yeah - post them trades up!

      Can we submit mixes for airing?
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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        morning! well OK I do have trades but like I said i'm
        in the process of moving so my vinyl {and cds, spit!}
        have all gone into storage. I will be making some available
        for trades in the future but its gonna take a lot of sorting
        and I am a busy chap with a young one on the way too!
        I will let you know in the spring OK

        The main things I personally covet are Space records
        and nice spoken word stuff I can mix on the show.
        Most of my mixes are littered with stuff from weiRd
        LPs and tho I dont really describe whats inbetween tracks on
        my site they are there to be discovered by the listener.

        The Leaf Mixture is sweet as it has some excellent drug
        references which fit in nicely, Spock & Kirk warning about the
        dangers of "hard drug abuse" etc works very well with
        Asa Chang & Jun Ray {Japans finest}
        The Dream Laboratory is mostly ambient electronica mixed
        with spoken word samples of scientists doing 'dream experiments'
        on people along with children talking about their nightmares etc.
        Its not for everyone but this is one of my fave mixes.

        As far as submitting mixes to the show goes I am always
        open for new stuff so if you have a mixed selection you think
        I may be able to broadcast then my contact details are on site.
        I would give you credit etc of course but it must be a mixture
        of music & spoken word with tracklistings.
        The more fucked up the better too!! there is NO limit to language,violence,
        sex or anything, apart from the obvious nonos like racism,
        political bias {the Tories especially} or cruelty to rabbits.
        The Garden Facebook Blog


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          Hello Mr Gardener. I occasionally partake in the vinyl pleasures of Milton Keynes (my wife's from Bedford), by visiting the giant boot sale on a Sunday morning in the Bowl. It's pretty good.


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            nice site too ...


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              Welcome to the board HG....
              He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                I can now offer you 10 mixes on one cd!
                take your pick from my latest crop >>>

                Fresh Mixes
                The Garden Facebook Blog