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  • End of the week digs

    Got these today off a source, £2 a pop + a haggle down.
    Some I know / some I dont. All EX+ / NM but nicely dusty.
    Any pointers on the ones im unfamiliar muchly appreciated.
    Unfortunately no real obscure / local stuff but all good funky ish 45.

    Darrow Fletcher We've got to get an understanding - Crossover
    Martin Mull w/ the Sondra Baskin Glee Club - Santafly Capricorn (1 sided demo)
    Paul Humphrey - Cochise - ABC
    Black Ivory - We Made It - Today
    The Caprells - Dotty's Party - Bano (X 2)
    Three Degrees - Trade Winds - Roulette
    The Sharpees - Do the 45 - One-Derful
    Lonnie Lee - Too Soon to Know - APT
    100 Proof aged in Soul - Somebody.... Hot Wax
    Jeanne Burton Like You Do Do - Cotton
    Walter Jenkins - Funky Walk - Fader Kat
    Chicago Gangsters - Gangster Love - Gold Plate
    Isley Bros - Work to do - T Neck
    Ecstasy Passion & Pain - I would'nt Give u up - Roulette
    Gloria Taylor - Grounded - Silver Fox
    The C.P.L. Section Ernies Groove - Stone
    Bunny Sigler / Cindy Scott - Were only Human - Neptune
    Hot Line - Juice - Red Coach
    Bob & Earl - Baby Your time is my time - Mirwood
    Ben Aitken - Handle w/ Care Philly Groove
    The Ad Libs - If She Wants Him - Share

    [/B]ones i not seen B4
    The Grand Piano Company Esperanto - Ampex
    Donnie Brooks - Gone - Reprise
    Bobby Lee I want One - Gold Coast
    Great Expextations - Welcome to the world - Phoenix
    Society od Seven - How Has your Love - Silver Swords Audio
    Natural Order - Jelousy 1 & 2 The Sound of Washington DC
    Darren Green Peek-a-Boo - RCA Demo
    Cashmere - Get Down With it - Babylon
    Papa's Results - Sister Shiela - Sal/Wa
    Jimmy Lomax - Im gonna Love You - Camille

    + Reggae on Gas Melodonians
    Neil MacArthur Solo 45 (zombies fella)
    Funkadelic 1 Nation LP with the 12"....

    What on earth will the weekend throw up...........
    Fuck all most prob...
    You can't take a stocking offa bare leg

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    Age Action Ireland had a pile of dance 12"s from which I pulled ones by Drexciya, Slug & Droid and Client. All 2 eurons a pop. Not bad and a nice change from the usual shite though most of it was more mdoern shite looking house.
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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (BoneyVotel @ Jan. 16 2004,15:09)]Donnie Brooks - Gone - Reprise
      What's this one like? I got his version of 'Hush' through my letterbox the other day & kinda dig it.
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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (BoneyVotel @ Jan. 16 2004,15:09)]Papa&#39;s Results - Sister Shiela - Sal/Wa
        this one&#39;s on Sal Watts&#39; label out of Oakland, CA. almost everything on it is pretty rare and worth picking up. he was a bit of a multi-talented guy - he wrote, directed and starred in the blax b-flick &#39;Solomon King&#39; and Sal/Wa issued the original promo-only version of the LP with b&amp;W sleeve (unlike the later colour sleeve). other nice 45rpm rekkids on that label include the laid-back guitar funk of Billy Guy &amp; The Coasters - Take It Easy Greazy. what&#39;s that one like? a mate once went round to the label&#39;s registered address in the hope there might be some rekkids in the basement. no such luck - it&#39;s a pawn shop now, in a run-down area.

        nice scores anyway&#33; the walt jenkins 45 is particularly ace.
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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (BoneyVotel @ Jan. 16 2004,15:09)]Bobby Lee I want One - Gold Coast
          what&#39;s the label like and when&#39;s it from? early 80s? black label with little palm tree cartoon and bubbly cartoon writing?

          if so, it&#39;s on a damn rare label and might be very good indeed. i charted the Spunk - Tighten Up and TTF LPs off that label a few months back. many of their releases were produced by a young Frankie Knuckles. they&#39;re usually very well produced and recorded (and arranged and played)

          Chops for show, groove for dough.


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            The Donnie Brooks is a nice R&amp;B with a fair beat ballad on the flip. Nowt incredible, but a dam fine 45.

            EmanThe Bobby Lee is not on that Gold Coast im afraid (love that spunk track, reminder to get the LP one day) Its a 74 release on Gold Coast International outta Florida. 1/2 decent soul r&amp;b on a 1st listen.
            The Papa&#39;s Results 45 on Sal/Wa is great though. Ive got the Take it easy one somewhere. This is a slightly later sound verging on what would be disco, its very cool though. Produced by David Crawford written by Pooky Russel.

            Also forgot how fucking good Work to do is by the Isleys. I ant played that for a few years, god dam love it. Reminds me of southport weekenders &amp; buying them Mojo LP&#39;s back in the day.
            Last time Jazzman played in M/cr I seem to remember him playing it &amp; i thought right on. It&#39;s a winner &amp; not even 2 figures.
            You can't take a stocking offa bare leg