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Grisha batanoff/hammond lp's

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  • Grisha batanoff/hammond lp's

    Hey Vultures.

    I saw an lp today on Concert Hall called HAMMOND SOUND PARTY. It had some interesting titles on there. But I am getting weary of buying lame arsed Hammond rekkids.
    Does anyone know it?

    It had one track called "love-In" by Grisha Batanoff. Can anyone give info on him? I read on here ages ago that these lp's are actually from library company.
    Any info would be of great help,


    God bless Fatso.

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    Yep, I've got this one - it's by Otto Weiss, and it owes rather more to Klaus Wunderlich than Alan Hawkshaw. It's not sourced from a library LP (The Concert Hall LPs to look out for are the ones by Ted Atking, which are apparently just straight reissues of LPs from the Chappell DMM series).

    The only track that really stands out for me is 'A La Carte', a nice little swingy thing, but there's nothing in the way of actual funk on it.

    Grisha Batanoff did a bit of stuff for the Elite Special library in Germany, but the best stuff by him I've found is on the Deacon LP 'This Is Soul', which consists of anonymous cover versions, and a couple of nice instruentals by Joe Hayder and Batanoff - well worth seeking out for cheap.