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  • Portable jukebox

    I know it goes against this site but does anyone owns a Ipod or somthing better, any help?
    any recommandations?


    just looking for something a could bring to work... and lots of storage gb's

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    I wouldn't say these sort of things are evil, Pokester. Can iPods freely transfer music in any direction now? As in iPod to iPod, iPod dump back to Mac etc etc?


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      You can hack one to xfer ipod->ipod. Havent tried it myself.

      They are very cool if well expensive. The good exchanged rate £->$ means you get one waaaay cheaper from the states. So buy it on ebay or preferably get someone over there to send one over.

      I would recommend it - They don't like pc's so much (firewire is well dicky - get the usb cable just in case) and itunes isnt the greatest software. But the sound quality is phenomenal. <- Changed URL


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        ipods, despite looking great, aren&#39;t that robust. we&#39;ve had two out of four total in the office break within 14 months of purchase (hard drive failures), plus another one&#39;s battery died and they ain&#39;t easy to replace. the (very) high cost doesn&#39;t justify such a high failure rate. like sermad, i&#39;d get one from the US.

        personally i would NEVER buy a jukebox that uses a hard drive - a piece of kit which is highly movement-sensitive after all. much better to go with a decent card-based storage system that never skips and is unlikely to fail in the medium term. they also use much less power compared with moving parts in a hard drive - so you get either longer battery life or need fewer batteries (if they&#39;re external).

        these days you can get some pretty funky multimedia gear (see the archaos multimedia jukebox for example) with a colour screen and massive hard drive that allows you to watch movies etc as well as play music, for the same price or less than an ipod.

        there was a good thread on soulstrut a while back on this subject.
        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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          thanks alot guys for the info ....