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  • Its a gassss

    Anyone have any info on this wee oddity...
    Its a brilliant 7" advertising Potterton gas fires from
    the early 70's. I play it out occasionally as it has a lovely
    tune & the whole thing has a warm glow about it.
    Its credited to Allardyce and called 'Put In A Potterton'
    theres no date but I would say aprox 72/73.
    Its curious as the B side is actually The Goodies
    {as in the daft comedy trio}, as well as the same A side as an instrumental.
    I am not interested in selling it but would be appreciative
    of any further info as its a little gem and i've not seen or
    heard it anywhere else. Thanx
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    Hello Head Gardener

    I've got a copy of this as well. I found it in a Weston Super Mare charity shop.
    I haven't got any info on it other than it being a lovely single.
    Well done on playing it out as well. What sort of reaction does it get?


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      well it always raises a smile I am glad someone
      else has heard it too coz the only feedback I get is
      from folks who get to hear it on one of my mixes.
      I read a while back that DJ Shadow was collecting up
      records to do with gas and almost got in touch with
      him about this single but then thought naaah, its actually
      too nice to sell.
      mind you depends how desperate he was for it tho...
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        I heard a bit of this on the telly a while back - I think it may have been on Have I Got News For You, it was something with one of the Goodies on it as a guest, anyway.

        The vocals are apparently by Tim, Bill and Graeme, but more than that I don't know, I'm afraid.


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          thanx for that info, its spooky{ish} if you heard it on
          HIGNFYou as the guy who wrote the music for the show,
          you know, "dududududududu...etc" is an MK resident by
          the name of Big George Webley. He also wrote did the
          music for The Office!
          I missed the episode of the show you mention but the
          Goodies track on the flip is very pooor really and its the
          lovely A side which is the winner here.
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