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  • Little do on fri


    If anyone feels like a drink and a bit of quality music on friday in central london, they might want to stop by the 3 Kings in Clerkenwell (Clerkenwell close, sort of opposite Turnmills nr the big church, farringdon tube), where me and my friend Jeremy will playing just about anything we like: soul, funk, ska, rocksteady, afrobeat, latin etc etc until closing time... should be straightforward music-in-a-pub type fun.
    heres a little playlist...

    Percy Mayfield 'Memory Pain'
    Brenda Parker 'Get Ready'
    Glen Adams 'Do your thing'
    Soul Bros. 'Marcus Junior'
    Darrell Banks 'Don't Know what to do'
    Tunji Oyelana 'Ifa'
    Larry Williams + Johnny Guitar Watson 'Nobody'
    Dorothy Morrison 'Top of the Mountain'
    Preston Love 'Chili Mac'
    Don Drummond 'Treasure Isle'

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    what time does it kick off mate? are you at work that day. I'll drop you your shit. <- Changed URL


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      I&#39;ll be there from 7.30ish, but I&#39;m not in work during the day...


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        is anyone going? Sermad?

        [that Larry Williams and Johnny Guitar Watson track is crazy...]


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          yeah I&#39;ll be there&#33;
 <- Changed URL


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            the Three Kings is the one with the paper mache animals, right? used to work near there...


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              yeah had a stuffed rhino at one point&#33;
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                still does have a stuffed rhino. I used to work in there... the papier mache stuff is made by the woman who used to play Emily in Bagpuss. There&#39;s a shop full of them across the street. Cheers for the support, see you there. Should be good, its always a treat seeing jeremy spin, he was a dealer for a long time so his soul and funk is most definitely up to scratch, and he has a shocking, shocking reggae/ska/rocksteady collection...


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                  little do&#33; Bah it was bloody good. Nice just to sit back and listen to some ridiculous stuff. That &#39;watermelon man&#39; cover was the highlight&#33;
         <- Changed URL


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                    Cheers for coming down (thanks for the 12 too), it was OK I thought, not bad at all...

                    highlight for me was probably Lee Perry&#39;s &#39;Pussy Galore&#39;... and its always nice to hear Ken boothe&#39;s &#39;strange things&#39;...

                    I&#39;ll watch out for a watermelon man for you, its by Baba Brooks on UK Ska Beat, I guess the JA is a studio 1/coxsone (?), but you&#39;re not likely to see that come up in anything but mashed condition, whereas the Ska Beat shouldn&#39;t impossible... maybe £20-£30? depending on the state of it...
                    I&#39;ll stick an edited playlist up in a bit, when I can get round to it...