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    I've been getting into Reggae cover versions of usually US/UK pop/rock/soul type stuff. Jamaican's seem to be able to take the crappiest songs and make them sound great. Plus I find when you play these tracks out they go down really well. So if anyone's got an recommendations I'd very much appreciate them. This is the sort of stuff I'm talking about:

    Paul Davidson - Rhinestone Cowboy (oh yes!! )
    Bunny Brown - Strawberry Letter 23
    The Pioneers - Pappa Was A Rolling Stone
    Richard Ace - Staying Alive/If I Can't Have You

    I also have a copy of that 'Darker Than Blue' comp that someone on the board kindly did for me.

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    Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Message To A Black Man
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      Toots And The Maytals 'Country Roads'. More because it's a Dolly Parton cover than anything else (and they change West Virginia to West Jamaica   ).

      Can we assume you've already heard the '100% Dynamite' and 'Soundbwoy Super Status Bloody-Overlong-Title Reggae Breaks' comps with the following sorts of things on?

      Marvels 'Rock Steady'
      Upsetters 'Popcorn'
      Wayne McGhie And The Sounds Of Joy 'Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)'
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        Sugar minott's version of Loving you and in the great Reggae tradition hes replaced the word "you" with "Jah"
        i think its johnny calrke who does a good version of love and happiness
        there was also that soul jazz comp of disco reggae

        1. Blood Sisters - Ring My Bell  
        2. Derrick Laro & Trinity - Don`t Stop Till You Get Enough  
        3. Latisha - I`m Every Woman  
        4. Black Harmony - Don`t Let It Go To Your Head  
        5. Family Choice - Reggae Beat Goes On  
        6. Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rapper`s Delight  
        7. Carol Cool - Upside Down  
        8. One Blood - Be Thankful For What You`ve Got

        My all time fave is

        CHOSEN FEW Am I Black Enough bw Message From A Black Man


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          There's one of those Trojan Boxes which is entirely soul covers and Soul Jazz did one called Studio One Soul. I've got a few 7's which are covers - I'll post them up later.
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            Mel and Dave's 'Spinning Wheel', as featured on 'The World's Worst Record Show' LP - some nasty off-key singing, but nice backing.

            Was it a Lee Perry production?


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              Bizarrely there's an identical thread over at Soulstrut at the minute.



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                I once heard a cover of "james Bond theme' done reggae style.
                Don't know who did it though. ???

                God bless Fatso.


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                  A couple I forgot to mention that I have on a LDJB mix CD:

                  Diamond Cut - I'm A Believer
                  Janet Kay - Loving You

                  Both of which a superb.


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                    Lloyd Charmers - Shaft
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                      Boris Gardener Happening - Melting Pot (and quite a nifty Aint no Sunshine cover on the album as well)
                      working together for better bass and treble


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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (soundsville @ Jan. 29 2004,19:24)]I once heard a cover of &quot;james Bond theme&#39; done reggae style.
                        Don&#39;t know who did it though.

                        Roots Reggae style or computerized Prince Jammy&#39;s stylee ?


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                          James bond themes... aaaaaaaarrghhhh

                          the skatalites loved the James Bond stuff, fucking amazing and you cannot get them for love nor money...very tough to find, nigh on impossible...but on various reissues, under various names

                          Roland alphonso - James Bond
                          Roland Alphonso - From russia with love (Killer killer killer killer I want one, Uk doctor Bird would be ideal, ££ waiting)
                          Tommy McCook - Goldfinger (oh my god, so so so tough...&#39;its the kiss of death..from mis - ter Gold..Finger...&#39
                          Soul Bros - James Bond Girl ... amazing
                          and I&#39;m sure theres more, I just can&#39;t remember, baba brooks did some too, one of them just went on evilbay for about &#036;260
                          Man they&#39;re sooo good.

                          as for reggae covers, shit, just about everything is a cover one way or another...


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                            The Ska version of OO7 is by ROLAND ALPHONSO.
                            It&#39;s titled James Bond. Island Recs. 1966.
                            Really like it skippy skippy beat
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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ Jan. 29 2004,17:03)]&#39;Soundbwoy Super Status Bloody-Overlong-Title Reggae Breaks&#39; comps with the following sorts of things on?

                              Marvels &#39;Rock Steady&#39;
                              Upsetters &#39;Popcorn&#39;
                              Wayne McGhie And The Sounds Of Joy &#39;Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)&#39;
                              harr harr

                              seriously though the soundbwoy comps have some real heat, theres a great zap pow tune on vol 2 and that Tamlins cover of &#39;skin tight&#39;