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  • International parcel devlieries

    Looks like I'm gonna be sending my trusty MPC overseas to St Louis. Been collecting quotes for my 6kg package - Man, Parcel Force is expensive at a whopping £65.55 and Pharos is so far the cheapest, at £38.12.

    Anyone know of any good firms that can beat that? Or ones you've used and are happy with? Also, does anyone know of any customs pitfalls, as in the buyer being slapped with some enormous duty costs...

    Any help mucho appreciated!

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    have you tried any of the big parcel firms like UPS, FedEx, DHL? while they may not be cheap, they're usually more reliable than crappy USPS.
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      nick, i've just had 3 days (and counting) of absolute hell with Parcel Farce. avoid them like the plague and do yourself a favour. they're not worth the paper they're written on.

      like ed says, a lot of the proper firms like DHL and securicor are better.