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  • Lenar

    ...the Soul Fire afro beat label

    quick question -
    i presume there will be no more of these since Soul Fire's demise, but how many were there? i have 2 - Bama & the Family and Massak, there's at least one more since the number on one of those is #3... anyone know?

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    Not at home so can't check to make sure, but was'nt that a split single with Zafari "Addidas Abba" (something like that) on one side.
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      i think you must mean Addis Ababa, not Addidas!
      cheers for that, will have to look out for that one.

      also any other Afro tips are always welcome!


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        Yes thats the one    Good afro track. Reminds me of the Ethiopian soul from the lates 60s/early 70s. Can't recall the other side, don't think it was as strong.
        records - one a week mixcloud
        records - one a week soundcloud


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          haha, just Googling for it, and came across this blog:

          with the quote:
          Wednesday, September 24, 2003
          Somedisco links to this site where there is some not bad stuff but its well nerdy and Record Collector Magaziney , and there is this guy who thinks he's well ard 'cos he's got all the Scott Walker albums for dead cheap off his "mates" in record shops who've all got names like Pete the Pric or Twat Geezer, goes on to describe Soft Machine as "trash" that you find in old mans record shops, I mean really.

          - and of course VV is the site in question!


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            Haha. The baron does go on about cash quite a lot in that scott walker article and not much about the music!

            Never noticed that before.

            Who is pete the pric though?
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