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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ Feb. 04 2004,12:00)]
    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (La-Soul-Fiend @ Feb. 04 2004,11:51)]30, maybe 40 of your British poonds.

    The young chap in Intoxica told me I'd pay around £250 for an orig. and I wee'd meself laughing! They are so on another planet in there, it's funny!
    That's bizarre - sounds like the going rate for Bob Downes but I've never seen Affinity reach that price! (But let's wait...). How's Linda Hoyle's solo stuff (did Si play a 45 of hers at Brillo before)?

    And I agree, Listen is very boring (even though it's a record shop&#33 but then, that's where I found my copy of 'Smike'...
    good memory Rich!

    Yup I dropped Linda's version of Eli's Coming on 45. Nice uplifting jazz dance in a similar style to Sons and Daughters Of Lite, etc...