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  • Today's charity finds

    Got up bright and breezy today with the intention of visiting as many charities as I could stand, things didn't quite go to plan though!

    Went to a small high street local to me that has a few charities and never made it any further due to sheer volume! Came home with an eclectic cross section of musical genres, ranging from Private Pressed Pub bands to Old School Hip Hop to Soundtracks to Kiddie to soul to easy and then back:

    One shop I went to that usually has a box of records had around 8 boxes today full to bursting. The manageress told me that this was an old guys collection who had just had to move to a smaller house. It was all easy listening and soundtracks. He must have owned every Circle of Sound LP......except one!! The lady told me that there is much more to come so it may turn up. She took my number to let me know when they come in and to give me first pickings. Bongolio, before you get any funny ideas, this shop is not in Eltham

    So here's what I got:

    Madeline Bell - Comin' Atcha - Not her best LP but all her stuffs pretty good. - Double

    Faces - Ooh La La - Rod Stewart's band give it some! Great cover with moving comedy face, also found a really cool picture of a beach buggy inside this one that the owner must have put there.

    Urban Species - Listen - I bought this lp when it originally came out and still think it's great, and anything that samples Terry Callier is OK in my books. - Double.

    Marvin Gaye - Live - Versions of Trouble Man, Inner City Blues etc.

    Whodini - Open Sesame - Late 80's Hip Hop.

    Dream Warriers - My Defintion - This Lp has some interesting moments, mainly the samples. - Double.

    Rap Tracks - Comp featuring Treacherous 3, Funky 4, etc.

    Johnny Rivers - John Lee Hooker - Recorded live at the Whiskey a Go Go, side 2 is one long blues organ jam which gets kinda funky in parts.

    Got to Get Your Own - Comp from 1987 featuring Reuben Wilson, African Music Machine, etc - Double.

    Pink Floyd - Ummagumma - Floyd at their maddest, grreat!! - Double.

    Alan Moorhouse - Bond Street Brigade - Funky Fever - Double.

    Joe Loss - Big Band Bossa Nova - Decentish version of Soul Bossa Nova - Double.

    Soul Symphony - Symphony of Soul Hits - Good version of Papa's got a Brand New Bag. - Double.

    Lakeside Show Band - Private Press lp featuring decent covers of Sunshine Day, Hawaii 5 O and Vehicle.

    Status Quo Boxset - Minty straight to Ebay purchase!

    The Mr Men Songs - Arranged by Keith Mansfield!

    Michel Legrand - Themes - Deep Blue C ig great big band soundtrack funk - Double.

    Films in Musica - Italian comp on Cinevox which features tracks by Morricone, Riz Ortolani and Zombi by Goblin which is awesome!!

    Billy Vaughn - Quietly Wild - I was suckered into this one by the great psychedelic cover!

    Norrie Paramour - BBC Top Tunes - 70's TV and Radio Themes.

    Ronnie Aldrich - Emotions - Cool version of the Abba track Name of the Game, very sampleable!

    Leroy Holmes - Good the Bad and The Ugly - Unusual choices of cover versions, nothng really funky.

    Great Action Film Themes - Found one of these last week aswell, Mr Tibbs, Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, etc - Double.

    Andre Kostelanetz - For all We know - Great looking lady on cover, dull music on record!

    Percy Faith - Duelling Banjos - Interesting versions of Shaft and Superfly - Double.

    The Power Pack Orch - A is for Action - TV themes inc. Avengers, New Avengers, Knight Rider, Starsky, etc.

    Simon Park - Something in the Air - This rocks!

    Vic Lewis - Plays Donovan - Pants!

    Alan Tew - Plays Abba Songbook - One for Tew Completists!

    Alan Tew - Don't Cry for me Argentina - See Above!

    Jack Parnell - More TV Themes - Kojak, Kung Fu, Man About the House - Double.

    Norrie Paramour - Radio 2 Vol 3 - Cool version of MASH.

    John Gregory - Conducts the Sounds of Today - Not seen this cover before, really cool KPM sounding track, A Face in the Clouds. - Double.

    Nick Ingman - The Love Album - Didn't hols any hope for this but i was pleasantly surprised, one really nice track calle Saffron.

    Bobby Lamb and the Keymen - BBC Record in conjunction with the Radiophonic Workshop, look out for this one!

    Bert Kaempfert - To the Good Life - Bert's Bossa number 2 isn't bad.

    Best of Screen Music - Jap comp featuring tracks from Melodie en Sous-sol and La Lecon Particuliere.

    Larry Page orch - Bridge over Trouble Waters - The track Dingo is the one here.

    Georges Deleure - Les Plus Belles Musiques de Vol1 + 2 - Georges has been behind some great funky soundtracks, this however is mainly orchestral.

    William Holden - Soundtrack,The World of Suzie Wong - Jazz with an oriental flavour.

    John Barry - The Dove - Don't know this soundtrack, not funky but interesting.

    The great Movie Themes Vol 1 - Missing - Barely any info on this, really odd mix of tracks ranging from the Lone Ranger to The Final Conflict. Ed is this Rare?

    So that's it, apologies for my ramblings

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    Got to Get Your Own - Comp from 1987 featuring Reuben Wilson, African Music Machine, etc - Double.

    That was an Lp that really got me diggin! Wow makes my head spin to think back!


    Go on wit'cha bad elf


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      I've got a decent haul upstairs from my first concerted attempt at digging since Christmas.

      However, I've also only just taken delivery of a turntable (as advised, I went with the eBay option and got a Rega Planar 3). Once I've set that bad boy up, I'll have a listen and tell you what's the business and what's Leeds United's version of business. And that should also see an update on what's going to appear on my next freebies list! (Yes Bongolia, I have remembered to put Shake Keane to one side&#33.

      If I get electrocuted it would be an honourable way to go, like Rod Hull trying to get a decent picture of the United match.

      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        Some nice finds, despite the rain meaning half the stalls on the local market had stayed at homeÂ…

        DALY-WILSON BIG BAND FEAT. KERRIE BIDDELL – The Exciting… (Elephant)
        SANTANA – Abraxas (CBS)
        FRANCOISE HARDY – In English (Marble Arch)
        JOHN BARRY etc – James Bond Special 10th Anniversary Collection (UA 2xLP)
        DONOVAN – Fairytale (Marble Arch)
        COUNT BASIE – One More Time: Music From the Pen Of Quincy Jones (Columbia)
        COUNT BASIE – This Time: Hits of the 50s & 60s (Reprise)
        JIMMY MCGRIFF – Tailgunner (Lester Radio Corporation)
        THE INDO-JAZZMEN – Ragas & Reflections (Saga)
        MECO – Encounters Of Every Kind (RCA)
        ALAN STIVELL – E Langonned (Fontana)
        WHITE NOISE – An Electric Storm (Island)
        IKE & TINA TURNER – The Great Album Of… (Festival 2xLP)
        FRANCK POURCEL – The World Is A Circle (Paramount) [inc ‘Popcorn’]
        FAUSTO PAPETTI – No.7: la mas bella del mundo (Durium)
        THE PEDDLERS – Freewheelers (CBS)

        Not worked through them all yet, but well worth getting out of bed for. Next week's pile will hopefully be brought to you from Melton Mowbray...along with some very fine cheese, sausages & pork pies.
        a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace