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  • Weekend-digs!

    Here's what I found:


    The Last Dragon Ost -Is this rare?

    Change -The glow of lowe

    Arrival -s/t

    Gary Thoms Empire -1,2...4,5 Blow your whistle

    Victor Silvester Orchestra -Party time now!
    (Theme from "Kojak" is incredible&#33

    Spinners -Love Trippin'

    Barbary Streisand -an OST with Blood, Sweat and Tears


    Jocko - Rythm Talkin'

    Len Boone -Won't be denied

    Tracy Wells -I'll be around

    Players Association -We got the groove

    From trades:

    Geoff Love -Close Encounters and Big Terror Themes

    Cerrone -Vice Squad

    Madeline Bell -This is one girl

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    Loads of goodness. Pick of the bunch are:

    Ready-Brek flexi: featuring "the big band sounds of Johnny Harris" doing "Footprints on the Moon".

    "Ed Stewart presents the Music Maker". In store demo 7" for the Mettoy Music Maker portable record player (I want one&#33. Old Stewpot introduces a number of funky spots to demonstrate the range of music you can play on it.

    Jon Hendricks "No More" 7". Mod jazz niceness on a lovely silver and pink UK Verve 7" demo.
    Endless Tripe


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      Early week rather than the weekend, a promising lead has lead to nowt yet, but got these:
      John Coltrane - Africa / Brass - UK RI w/ Orig packaging (Greensleeves is superb)
      John Coltrane - Impressions - Impulse UK RI
      The Who - Tommy double (Aussie press)
      Canned Heat 1 More River to Cross - (Aussie)
      Dobie Gray - s/t - Capricorn (Aussie) (Should be titled 'Dobie Gray looks really gay&#39
      Maggie Bell - Queen of the Night - Polydor (Aussie)
      Maggie Bell - Suicide Al - Polydoe (Aussie)
      James Brown - Reality - Polydor - (Aussie)
      Symphony of Soul Hits -Stereo Gold Award
      Booker T - EverGreen - CBS
      Booker T - Greatest Hits - Stax
      Johnny Harris - All to Bring You Morning - WB
      It's a Beautiful Day RI
      Groundhogs - Thank Christ for the Bomb RI
      Sonny Rollins - Cutting Edge - Fantasy US
      Machito - With Flute to Boot - Re iss (herbie mann)
      Grand Funk - American Band
      Screaming Lord Sutch - Story
      Comp - The Rock Machine turns you on (ZOMBIES)
      + Some assorted pap.
      You can't take a stocking offa bare leg


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (Funky Tee @ Feb. 02 2004,10:12)]The Last Dragon Ost  -Is this rare?
        no, but for some reason it goes for a little money on ebay. maybe it didn't get good distribution in the US or someone sampled it or summat.
        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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          As promised in an earlier thread, I can now list what I found at the weekend. I haven't had time til now but I'm off work with a stinker of a cold as of this afternoon.

          Not listened to many of these yet, just too busy, but my hopes are high.

          All LPs (as per usual&#33

          Charity Shops:

          Ronnie Aldrich - Tomorrow's Yesterdays
          Les Aiglons - Pas Mal Paler Michou (looks like a funk/soul band from the Antilles, issued on Sonodisc)
          Joe E Covington - Fat Fandango (well, he's a drummer)
          Junie (Morrison) - Suzie Super Groupie (the Funkadelic connection)
          Roger Coulam - Hammond Stereo Sounds...
          Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch - Opposite Your Smile
          ?? - The Amazing Music of the Electronic Arp Synthesizer
          Joe Loss - The Loss Concertium

          Sheffield Shops:

          Bazuka - S/T (B-Boy breaks)
          Creation - S/T
          Southwind - S/T (sealed)
          War - Why Can't We Be Friends?
          23 Skidoo - Fetish (Mini LP) (show me a bandwagon and I'll jump on it&#33
          The Innocence - S/T (I'll buy anything on Kama Sutra&#33
          Lani Hall - Sundown Lady
          Otger Dice - Garden of Pleasure (it's Dutch and he thanks members of Focus, it's promising)
          Bill Conti - An Unmarried Woman (OST)
          John O'Hara & The Famous O'Hara's Playboys - A Look Through The 70s (club singer has a bash at Funky Nassau)
          Madelaine - Who Is She (only ever had 2 copies of this, and both from Sheffield)
          Blue Mink - Only When I Laugh
          Various - Great Warner Brothers Love Themes (incs Klute, Bullitt, Enter The Dragon etc)
          The Congregation - S/T (Alan Parker, Brian Keith and further KPM connections)

          Nottingham shops:

          Tubby Hayes - After Lights Out... Re-issue (well, an original went on eBay for about $1700 this week. Probably crap though)
          Sammy Nestico - Dark Orchid (break on Shoreline Drive)
          Cedar Walton, George Coleman, Sam Jones, Billy Higgins - Eastern Rebellion (looks like a Strata East LP, but is actually on Timeless out of Holland)
          Wade Marcus - Metamorphosis (not as good as A New Era, but little actually is)

          Hope the rest of the year persists in this vein.

          Jet Boy stole my baby.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ Feb. 03 2004,18:15)]23 Skidoo - Fetish (Mini LP) (show me a bandwagon and I'll jump on it&#33
            Ben, you need to polish your bandwagon a bit more, that 23 Skidoo Lp is called 7 Songs and it's on a label called Fetish, I believe


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              Give me a break mate! I've had Sudafed and Lemsip today!!

              I'm never buying smack again when Boots are banging out this kind of stuff over the counter!


              PS This is bat country.
              Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ Feb. 03 2004,19:15)]Madelaine - Who Is She (only ever had 2 copies of this, and both from Sheffield)
                That's a great record!! Arranged by Johnny Pate. Everybody should own a copy of that.